DeAndre Cannon

by Terry Watson | September 15th, 2020
DeAndre Cannon

DeAndre Cannon

It’s time to get into shape Atlanta. DeAndre Cannon is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Better You ATL, located in Atlanta, GA.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, DeAndre holds a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska, and a Masters degree in Nutrition. Additionally, he is a Men’s IPE Physique Pro + NPC National Qualifier and competes often in bodybuilding competitions.

For almost a decade, DeAndre has worked with a multitude of clients including beginners, athletes, and professional bodybuilders. “Working with and utilizing my skill sets as your personal trainer and nutrition coach will guarantee you transforming results. As the owner of A Better You ATL Fitness, my goal is to help my clients feel their very best, without regard to their fitness level,” he says.

DeAndre shares that for years, the fitness industry has relied on ineffective workouts, unrealistic diets, and do-nothing supplements as quick and temporary solutions. Yet, he offers a different approach. With his education and experience, DeAndre employs a signature training methodology that includes customized workouts and nutrition plans backed by science, as well as trial and error.

DeAndre launched his business 10 years ago. “In college, I trained people in the gyms of apartments, and in parks to save money to open my own gym,” he says. He opened his first gym in Omaha in 2013 and kept the citizens of Omaha fit for five years before moving to Atlanta. Since doing so, he has incorporated a mobile app into his program to better meet the needs of his clients. “With my app, I have gained a broader reach over my current and future clients with my personalized online program,” he says.

DeAndre offers various products and services, mainly because of the diversity that his clientele represents. These include a Personalized Online training program, and habit forming, weekly workouts designed specifically for each individual client that can be purchased separately or together with his personalized meal plans. He also offers Personalized Meal Plans that are specifically for each individual client and can be purchased separately or together with personalized workouts. DeAndre also has training guides designed to address general fitness goals and levels. These guides can assist clients who aren’t ready for personalized training but still want to focus on the importance of having sound fitness and eating habits to optimize their body goals.

DeAndre is naturally driven and he shares his compassion and love with his clients in the form of change. “I love helping my clients go from where they are today, to achieving their body goals, and gain confidence while growing physically and mentally,” he says. He is also inspired by the achievements and accomplishments of his clients.

He offers some advice to those who may follow in his footsteps. “Stay away from fads and gimmicks. Be yourself and focus on helping your clients achieve their goals,” he says.

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