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by Tonya Dixon | May 10th, 2012
Stephanie Sanders (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Stephanie Sanders (Photos by Howard Gaither)

The first time Stephanie Sanders attempted to design and bake a custom cake it was, in her own exact words, “horrible!” Nevertheless, it was enough to spark an interest she says. Never one to be defeated by mistakes, she got herself together, took to the kitchen and determined within herself to not only figure it out, but to master it. She not only figured it out, she went far beyond and the rest is sweet history filled with delicious goodies sure to please the most refined sweet tooth around.

In August 2010 the husband and wife duo, Milton and Stephanie Sanders began filling orders for homemade cakes, pies and general desserts. After several months of orders pouring in, the couple officially launched Delicious Deliveries in January 2011. Although the business was doing well and holding its own, it was never something either Sanders previously dreamed or planned. In fact, it was a business they were practically pushed into and probably would have never started had it not been for the country’s economic downturn.

Originally, they started the business to supplement their income after Milton Sanders lost his job to layoffs. However, within a year of that traumatic event, Stephanie was served a slice from that same pie and after 15 years working in the insurance industry she was also laid off. Nevertheless the enterprising couple didn’t take those seemingly stressful moments as detrimental; rather they embraced them as part of God’s master plan for their lives.

“I feel like it was God that took us off our jobs,” says Stephanie. “I feel like God forced me into a blessing.” Fast forward to the present and Stephanie doesn’t just “feel like” she was given a blessing; she absolutely knows it.

The Greensboro native graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Education with a concentration in Information Technology – arguably the furthest in profession from cooking, cuisine or any form of the culinary arts. Amazingly, Stephanie says she has never had a cooking lesson or taken a cooking class. She says she always “cooked,” but it wasn’t until recently that a baking giant was unleashed within.

Sanders partially attributes her craft to her husband. “My husband is a sweet connoisseur; he loves sweets. He sparked an interest in me to bake,” she says. “When I started baking I realized I was just as good at baking as I was at cooking. I enjoy it so much. It’s a passion I didn’t even know that I had. It was a hidden talent.” Everything is self-taught. She says ninety-nine percent is from experimenting and troubleshooting.

People have always encouraged Stephanie to open her own business. She was always winning various cook-offs and bake-offs, so Delicious Deliveries was the natural next step. The company is quickly gaining a solid customer base and following. Customers are awed by the vast of array of delights to choose from. Delicious Deliveries has expanded significantly from just offering pound cakes and cookies in the early days to just about any type of pallet-pleasing dessert including muffins and pies to candy truffles to highly specialized, custom cakes for any event. Delicious Deliveries offers it all.

The company now offers dessert and candy buffets. So for all those customers who simply can’t pick just one treat, they can potentially choose them all; and Delicious Deliveries will even stick around to serve it all up. Just as the name states all orders are delivered directly to the customer. They are guaranteed to receive fresh delights to order.

Amazingly, every item is sculpted and designed (because they are like works of art) by Stephanie. The custom and specialty cakes are absolutely edible masterpieces. So, what design options are available? The possibilities are literally unlimited. From an upright, three-dimensional, Spongebob Square Pants, children’s cake to an outstandingly realistic Coach purse cake. Sanders definitely has an eye for detail. Ironically, it was her artistic eye that she initially thought would provide her the ability to pursue another passion-interior design.

“It’s sort of strange how God combined the two,” she says. “Decorating cakes you have to have that visual eye just like with interior design.” Stephanie says each order is personalized and customized for each client. No two orders will ever be exactly the same. Every custom dessert order will be tailored to fit the personality of the client or group.

The company’s dedication to detail and customer satisfaction is what drives Stephanie and keeps people coming back for more. More is exactly what the Sanders intend on doing. They will simply continue to push the boundaries and offer delicious goodies. Although Stephanie says she and her husband would eventually like to open a storefront at some point, but they are presently concentrating on meeting the needs of customers and allowing God to lead them and the business. “I trust God fully and want Him to lead me and I’ll follow His lead. So whenever He tells me to move, that’s when I’ll move, I’ll just wait on His Guidance.”

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