Derek Armah

by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2016
Derek Armah

Derek Armah

Derek Armah aka “Coach D” was raised by his mother, Vida Armah in Lawnside, N.J. He attended Haddon Heights High School where he thrived as a multi-sports athlete, ultimately landing him in the school’s hall of fame. After graduating, he attended the University of Wyoming on a full scholarship for football. While playing the position of running back, in just four years he finished fifth all-time in rushing. He later graduated with a bachelor’s of science in healthcare administration and moved to North Carolina in 2005, where he started his family with his wife Dee, and daughter Dayla.

Today, Armah is the face of Pro Intellect & Trained Sports (P.I.T.S.). They are a private sector, strength and conditioning, personal training facility whose expressed purpose is to educate and train its clients for healthy lifestyles that increase the quality and longevity of life in and outside of sports. “With P.I.T.S., it’s not only your body that is built, shaped and molded, it’s also your mind,” he says.

They are a fully functioning 501(c ) 3 program whose mission is accomplished by organizing and hosting healthy living, eating, and fitness seminars and classes. These events are focused on the causes and effects of poor nutritional habits and low levels of physical activity, as well as and healthy lifestyle habits. Other topics include providing education on the types of diseases or disabilities caused by being overweight which include diabetes, and high blood pressure. Other educational services they offer focus on nutrition, the benefits of physical fitness and athletic training.

“I love when a goal is accomplished on when we surprise ourselves by completing an action or a goal that we never thought we’d be able to see or do. I am inspired every day by my clients and how they work through life every day and still find a way to take care of themselves. Even on days when the world just doesn’t seem to be in your favor. They come in and trust the process,” he says.

If he could change anything, he says it would be that he is not able to do provide his services for free. “You have to experience what P.I.T.S. has to offer, to be able to understand it. There are many different ways to achieve goals. We pride ourselves on being researched based and taking this approach to assist our team members in achieving their goals. We are genuine in our approach and not financially driven. More than coaching our team members and clients we also seek to educate them,” he says.

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