Derrick Fullwood

David Hemdricks | May 21st, 2021
Derrick Fullwood (Photos by Jerry Barbry)

Derrick Fullwood (Photos by Jerry Barbry)

You can safely call Derrick Fullwood the Neighborhood Detailer and Pressure Washer.

The area of Raleigh, N.C. has been blessed with a man who is truly dedicated to his craft. This is a man who will do everything in his power to make sure that your vehicle looks brand new by the time that it leaves his presence. That man is Derrick Fullwood, the owner of Fullwood’s Mobile Detail and Pressure Washing.

While he spends a lot of time washing and detailing cars, Derrick still finds time to talk about many of the things that are important to him, such as his life, family, and serving others.

Derrick, who is also an ordained minister, is from the small town of Bolivia, which is in Brunswick County, N.C., and sits between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, right on the South Carolina border. “I’m a country boy at heart but I have managed to do quite well in a city setting,” he says.

Derrick grew up in two parent household. He was the third child out of four. His father has been a pastor since Derrick was four years old. “We would listen to secular music but when Daddy came around, we had to cut it off,” he said. Their household was close knit and his father kept it all in order.

Derrick obtained his formal education at South Brunswick High School in Boiling Springs Lakes, N.C. Next, he enrolled at Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh. His next step was to North Carolina Theological Seminary where he received his associates, bachelors, and master’s degrees.

He has come a long way since the days of his childhood. Now, as owner of Fullwood’s Mobile Detail and Pressure Washing, he oversees his own in-house operations. His company offers services such as shampooing, bussing, light restoration, and paint restoration, just to name a few. Fullwood’s specializes in cleaning cars, trucks, buses, RVs, and more. Their services also include house pressure washing, and industrial size generators, those that are utilized in hospitals, malls, and many commercial facilities.

While Derrick was at Saint Augustine’s University, he realized that he needed a job. Soon he began washing cars, something that he was fairly good at, mainly because he frequently washed his dad’s car as a kid. He eventually got a job detailing cars and used that opportunity as a steppingstone to owning his own detailing business.

Nearly fifteen years later, Derrick’s business is still prospering. He shares how he loves being an entrepreneur and the freedom it affords him. “I asked God to help me feed my family and do His work at the same time. I am able to do this with my ministry. Often while my staff and I are working, I will use that as an opportunity to pour into them and share how God has blessed me, and how He wants to bless them as well,” he says.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many small businesses adversely, even causing many of them to shut their doors, Derrick says it made his business flourish even more. “This period has produced more business than ever before. It has been a blessing for me. Google has also been a big help due to all the great reviews I have received. Often times, there is a two-week waiting list to get serviced. I am grateful for that.”

In response to the pandemic, Derrick came up with a brilliant idea to provide his clients with a 100% zero contact service. Customers would leave their keys in the car, and all payment forms are electronic, eliminating any in person contact. This adjustment helped his business to remain in operation while still meeting the needs of his customers in a safe manner.

The future is even brighter for Fullwood’s Mobile Detailing. Derrick hopes to get away from the physical labor himself and start working from the office. He plans on finding workers that share similar characteristics as him. These include being responsible, honest, having integrity, and being a server of people. A bonus would be someone that has Christ in their life.

To learn more about Fullwood’s Mobile Detailing and Pressure Washing, please visit their website.

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