Destined 4 Change Mime Ministry

by Alana Allen | May 17th, 2017
Destined 4 Change Mime Ministry

Photo by Alana Allen

Chelsea Callands is the visionary and creator behind her brand, Destined 4 Change Mime Ministry. The ambitious 16-year-old is currently a junior at John Motley Morehead High School in Eden, N.C.

Growing up in ministry, Callands started off as a praise dancer at the age of seven at her grandfather’s church, Dr. Kenneth Moore, senior pastor of Sharon Baptist Missionary Church, located in Stoneville, N.C. At the age of eight, she saw someone do mime ministry for the first time and fell in love with it. Her gift was activated at that moment, and she would go on to launch Destined 4 Change Mime Ministry in 2015, a ministry that allows her to use spiritual expression to exalt Jesus Christ.

Callands has been blessed to share her ministry at various youth revivals and mime conferences across North Carolina and Virginia. She explains before she performs she is usually nervous but the moment the music starts, something “clicks” and she loses herself in the music. “The moment I start ministering, I go into the zone, I can’t see anyone; I just feel free,” says Chelsea.

The rock of Destined 4 Change Mime Ministry is Chelsea’s mother, Tiffany Callands, who encourages her and helps her with managing ministry opportunities. “As parents, her father and I have always encouraged Chelsea to seek out those things that she’s passionate about and to pursue them with the help and guidance of God. When she discovered her gift of mime, we were able to watch her touch the lives and hearts of people until tears were coming from their eyes. We knew then that this was a gift from God. She is very prayerful and she stands out amongst her peers as being different, not only in her appearance but in how she carries herself,” says Tiffany Callands.

In the future, Chelsea plans to graduate high school and attend a four-year college to pursue a degree in psychology and minor in music. She hopes to obtain a career in music therapy and expand her mime ministry to different states.

For anyone who would like to support Chelsea Callands and Destined 4 Change Mime Ministry, please visit her Facebook Page by sharing her posts, attending a youth revival or purchasing her products.

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