Destiny Payton

by Terry Watson | March 19th, 2020
Destiny Payton

Destiny Payton

Destiny Payton I am a woman of God who believes that any thing you believe and dream can be manifested into a reality. She thinks of herself as an innovator and person that will find a way and make one if necessary. In other words, she can be described as a pitbull in a skirt.

She has set her sights on being the premier African American owned beauty supplier in the country.

The Huntsville, AL resident is the owner of Madonni Beauty Supply and Salon Suites. “After five years and over 30 million dollars in sales for a fortune 500 company, and 15 years in real estate, I felt it was time to take my natural talent and skills to my community and create more opportunities. As the first every African American woman to rise to the ranks of senior management, it was my dream to be the first African American beauty supply and salon suite owner. I felt a strong desire to be of service to my lifelong passion outside of the real estate industry and into “All Things Beauty”. The time had come to be the creator of her own destiny and give to others as passionately as I’d given to my real estate career,” she says.

The inspiration for the beauty store derived from receiving a provisional patent with a then partner for developing a hair product. Upon shopping the product to distributors, Destiny shares it became apparent there was a lack of diversity and soon she realized there was a close circle that was hard to penetrate. In that moment she knew she would have to find a way, and that was ownership. After long days and nights working in the corporate world, finding quality products and the perfect location, the dream of the MaDonni Beauty brand had come to life.

Destiny shares how she is inspired by the opportunity she has to help others. “It’s nothing better than knowing you helped light a spark for someone to become the next business owner, or encouraging them to take a leap of faith for a new career or whatever desires they may have,” she says. On the flip side, Destiny finds inspiration in others such as Oprah Winfrey, Jim Rohn, Michelle Obama, Will Smith, Deepak Chopra, Courtney Adeleye, and Beyonce.

Some of the challenges she has faced but defiantly overcame are just being a woman of color dealing with male dominated industries and learning to persevere. “Through it all, God has definitely been my constant strength. My father has also been there along with so many other women who have blessed me with knowledge along the way,” Destiny says.

She offers some advice for other business owners and entrepreneurs who are thinking about stepping our on their own. “Don’t give up, pick your battles, and most importantly keep God first!”

In the future she hopes to expand my beauty entity and continue to build her real estate portfolio. I plan to take over the world,” she says.

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