Devona Boone

by Terry Watson | March 19th, 2020
Devona Boone

Devona Boone

Devona Boone of Hampton Roads, VA describes herself as a “Hope Dealer”. She is a country girl who is confident, powerful, anointed, caring, nurturing, and God fearing.

Besides being an author, she is the founder of the non-profit organization, Precious G.E.M.S Inc. Her mission is to empower young girls by teaching them resilience, promote positive self- awareness, sisterhood, and the power that is within. “We know that girls who do not have positive role models and mentors are three times more likely to experience a myriad of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual delays and deficiencies. Our job is to empower the young ladies and show them the endless possibilities for their lives. Our Motto is, ‘Every young lady has a gift to offer the world,’” she says.

Devona founded her nonprofit organization at the age of 25. As she began to empower young ladies, in return I empowered myself. Over the course of five years of telling them they can do anything and be anything they wanted, she realized she wasn’t fully living up to what she was preaching. “I knew I had a story to tell and I knew it could help many women, but I was fearful of not having enough to say to even be printed in a book. However, I pressed on and in 2018, I started to write a memoir. The entire process took me five months. During that time, I found my voice and courage to share my story in hopes to offer strength, healing, and hope to other women. I am a woman of grace and resilience. Many of life’s difficult moments has given me courage, strength, and healing.”

Precious G.E.M.S offers three programs. First is the My Life Foundation which promotes the importance of positive self-image and respect for self and others. It also prepares young girls to succeed by teaching them decision making and problem-solving skills and helps young ladies make independent life decisions to overcome past mistakes that altered their lives. Next is Community Service Learning. This tool provides young ladies with meaningful community service and incorporates instruction and reflection. It also teaches girls civic responsibility and the importance of strengthening their community. The third product is
Natalie’s Closet. It provides clothing, shoes, accessories and outerwear and more to girls at discounted prices. The goal is to inspire girls to care about their appearance but also educates them on how to work with budgets to obtain the things they desire.

Devona’s book, “A Precious Gem: The Journey of My Shaping” is a direct compliment to her organization. It is her story, and her testimony of how she made it through some of the traumatizing times of her life from childhood to present day. “As an author, I found my voice. I found my strength. I found a new purpose. Writing my story gave me a sense of freedom which made me fearless. I began to encourage, motivate, and inspire people by being transparent and sharing my life lessons. I became the me I always wanted to be,” she shared.

Devona says her mother, Eunice Boone is the reason she has such a passion for serving others. “At the age of 10 I witnessed my mom’s murder at the hands of her abusive boyfriend. That tragedy shaped my life in so many ways, and when I became an adult, I knew I had to make an impact with our young girls and women in order to create a change with the statistics of domestic violence,” she said. She also draws inspiration through obedience to God’s will for her life and through her mother’s death. “In my life I am intentional in making sure I am in alignment with what is purposed for me. I do not want my mother’s death to be in vain. Her life will leave a legacy.”

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