DeVona Boyd and DeJaBo Designs

by Terry Watson | January 17th, 2019
DeVona Boyd

DeVona Boyd

Devona Boyd is a 38 year old entrepreneur who is fully committed to a wholistic way of life. He was born in the small town of Whitmire, South Carolina. It was there that he learned how to be an entrepreneur. His mom is a seamstress and owns her own business providing sewing and alteration needs. His father owned a lawn care service and it’s obvious he inherited the entrepreneurial spirit from the both.

Devona’s primary profession is serving as the Director of Music and Worship at the St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte. He is also the owner of DejaBo Designs, a business with two focuses. DeJaBo Ties offers various styles of bow ties using creative and practical materials such as cotton, silk, leather, and wood. Some ties are reversible and some have a pre-fitted neck fixer, ideal for those who aren’t comfortable tying yet. Besides bow ties, he also offers neckties, pocket squares, cuff links, dress socks, arm wear, lapel flowers, and pins.

The decorating side of his business was created for special events as well as interior decorating. He is able to meet any party planning need, from helping someone find a venue, to preparing the event, to executing day of particulars. He provides event rentals and perform onsite set-up of linen, lighting, table decor, center pieces, and more.

The DeJaBo brand is taken from the first two letters of each part of Devona’s name, DeVona Jaworski Boyd. His mother named him after a famous boxer and football player. All of his items are made in the Carolinas. Customers can shop directly from the company’s website and also find them at local pop-up events. Devona also offers private showings of his inventory by appointment.

“I am fortunate enough to do all of these businesses simultaneously. It’s a lot to juggle but I enjoy what I do and I hope that my passion comes across in all of my work,” he says. “I have always been a creator. I remember even as a child building and creating things out of all types of material,” he says. Devona became more focused on his artistic abilities as an undergrad at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C.”

Devona began both businesses in 2013 as a ‘home-based’ entity. He states the ‘when and how’ was pretty simple. “I tell others who ask me how to start a business, to just start it. In the beginning you’re not going to know all of the answers or know exactly what to do. You’re going to make a ton of mistakes, but the key is to learn from them because they will make you better. As a small business owner, we have to be very cautions of the overhead we take on and be creative in how to manage our resources given.”

The future is looking bright for Devona. With the arrival of each new day, he strives to be a better person and business owner. “I never want to get comfortable with my artistry and always remain in a posture of learning. Moving forward he hopes to change Dejabo’s web presence and hire someone to manage his websites. He also hopes to have a showroom and location to sell items.

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