Diamond Ayala

by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2020
Diamond Ayala

Diamond Ayala

It is all about the Diamond Ayala Universe.

Diamond Ayala was born and raised in New York City. She was adopted at the age of six. At a young age she was diagnosed with ADHD, and a result of this she was placed in a special education setting. Little did the doctors know, but Diamond was very smart, and was honestly being abused at home. Through the years, Diamond battled depression and suicidal thoughts.

When Diamond Ayala went to the eighth grade, a wonderful teacher noticed her brains rather than her behavior. That was the day that she began her journey to success.

Diamond is now a mother, entrepreneur, life coach, and motivational speaker. She is also the owner of Diamond Ayala Universe, Ceo of Butterflyskylashes, and the Assistant Director Of Maleeya Inc.

She launched Diamond Ayala Universe in 2017, and Butterflyskylashes in 2020. Her primary focus with the Diamond Ayala Universe brand is that of an author. She has published a book that is currently available on Amazon titled, How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy At Any Age. She also has a Youtube channel that offers weekly morning posts for motivation. Some other services offered there are exposure for business owners and up and coming entrepreneurs.

Butterflysky Lashes is a new business where Diamond will sell products for adults and children. These include natural looking lashes, and natural hair products. “All kings and queens can benefit from Diamond Ayala Universe,” she says. “With all that we have to offer, many queens and princess will be able to benefit from our natural product line of lashes and hair.”

As a business owner, Diamond says she loves the opportunity it provides her to give kings and queens around the world the confidence to feel good and happy, but mostly change their way of thinking, and life as well. She finds inspiration in God and herself. “My ancestors, along with my daughter and my significant other, and those who support me. I am grateful for them all. I thank my significant other for looking me in my eyes in 2017 and telling me that I am more than someone who will work for someone else.” She also credits Chef Carlos Brown for helping her with business ideas.

Diamond shares that her success in business has been possible mainly due to her ability to stand apart. “I don’t offer anything that I have never experienced. Diamond Ayala Universe goal is to motivate and help men, women, and children live the life they want to live. In addition to the YouTube videos, books, and music she offers, there are also one on one sessions for weight loss, healing, pregnancy tips, fashion, and skin care.

Though her business is still fairly new, Diamond is already forecasting a few ideas for the future. “My plans are to continue helping millions of Kings and Queens around the world with morning motivation and more. There will be a lot more of mommy and me merchandise and music available as well, she shares. There are also plans for a release date for Butterflyskylases and its products in the near future.

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