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Dr. Marrissa Dick | November 16th, 2017
Dr. Marrissa Dick (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Dr. Marrissa Dick (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Taking a leap of faith into entrepreneurship isn’t an easy decision to make especially when you have others depending on your sound judgment.  Nonetheless, it has been a decision that Greensboro native, Timisha Tate, owner and operator of Diamond’s Best Cleaning Service, LLC has not regretted making.  Launching a new business takes dedication, ingenuity, and perseverance.  In particular, the new business Timisha started is completely different than the elementary education undergraduate degree she earned from the University of Phoenix in 2010.  


     According to Timisha, “I really didn’t do a lot with my bachelor’s degree.  I did teach at a day care for about five years, but once I started working in elementary education I realized that wasn’t what I really wanted to do.  What I did know was that I enjoyed helping people so I decided to go back to school and earn a degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse and I did that for about 10 years, but I still wasn’t satisfied.”  Sometimes taking the time to clear your mind and self-reflect can make all the difference to your future.


     Fortunately, Timisha took the time to perform a self-assessment of her life.  She shares, “I always wanted to have my own business, but I never put the time and effort into it until about two years ago.  At first, I actually thought about opening a home health care business, but at that particular time the state had a freeze on all of that so I asked myself what else did I do really well and what do people have a need for all the time?  Then I wondered what type of business I could start quickly that would be successful.”  


     From that assessment Timisha knew she was going to start a cleaning business.  She says, “I thought a cleaning business was the easiest thing to get off the ground because that’s something people need done all the time and that’s also something I really enjoy doing.  I’m really good at cleaning.  It clears my mind and helps me think.”  

Her next thought was to figure out what she was going to name her new business.  She decided on “Diamond” because it was a nick name that her beloved grandmother, Lena Glenn, always called her.  Additionally, she added in “Best” because her grandmother stressed for her to always do her best in everything she puts her mind and heart into.  Once she had a game plan she shared her vision with a good friend, Shannon Hairston, who was instrumental in pointing her in the right direction for solidifying Diamond’s Best Cleaning Services as a viable business.  Timisha is thankful that God has blessed her with family and friends who love and are supportive of her endeavor.

So you may ask what sets Diamond’s Cleaning Service apart from the other local cleaning services in Greensboro.  For Timisha the answer is simple, “I think we stand out because I’m actually a part of the community.  As a proud 2001 alumnus of Dudley High School I understand the community needs.  My grandmother taught me to be a giver and to have compassion for others.  I’m a single mother so I know what it’s like to struggle.  I know what it’s like to need assistance.  I’ve had people from our community to assist me in my time of need.  That’s why I give back through my business.  Twice a month our cleaning service reaches out to two or three senior citizens and provides them with free cleaning services because I know that many of them don’t have family members around to assist them and they can’t do it for themselves. I also believe Diamond’s Best is different from other cleaning services because during Thanksgiving and Christmas I give away 50 to 75 hams and turkeys to single mothers and senior citizens who otherwise may not be able to afford a meal.  I’ve formed a relationship with Food Lion to make sure we can make this happen.  It’s just certain things that I believe should be done especially when you work in the community.  I haven’t always been blessed enough to be able to give back.  So that’s what sets us apart from other cleaning services.  We actually care and give back to the community we live in.” 

With the way she gives back to her community it’s not surprising that her community has supported and embraced her services.  Most recently Timisha has garnered working relationships with the Greensboro Housing Authority and several club owners in downtown Greensboro. She states, “We stand behind our work 100%.  We don’t leave until the customer is completely satisfied.”  It’s maintaining this type of staunch work ethic that has expanded her business throughout the Triad and Burlington areas.  Diamond’s Best is a professionally bonded, insured, and licensed cleaning service.  

For those in need of basic or deep cleaning services for residential or commercial properties contact Timisha Tate for a free quote at (336) 615-5545.  Don’t stress let Diamond’s Best Cleaning Service handle the mess!

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