Dianne Lofton

Laci Ollison | March 19th, 2020
Dianne Lofton (Photos by Katrena Wize Artography)

Dianne Lofton (Photos by Katrena Wize Artography)

In life, there things that happen that cause us to question what it is that we believe in. We find ourselves in situations that can shake our faith and push us past our limits. In those moments, we may also begin to wonder why certain things have to transpire. Who or what can you trust when your world is suddenly turned upside down? While some people might put their trust in horses and chariots, Dianne Lofton has chosen to put her trust in someone much higher than herself.
Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Dianne is a wife, mother, associate pastor, prophet, and author. She has traveled various states as a motivational speaker, including New York, South Carolina, and Virginia. For ten years, she managed a radio broadcast called “Signs of the Times” which aired on WEAL, WQMG, and WGHP.

Along with her husband, she founded Sings of the Times Evangelistic and Missionary Association. This organization serves as a training and licensing hub for pastors, evangelists, teachers, and missionaries.

Dianne has also studied at both Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina and John Wesley University in High Point, North Carolina.

But while this woman of God holds many titles, she is most proud of how God has chosen to use her to speak life into dead situations; both literally and figuratively. It was her obedience to the “still small voice” she heard that led Dianne to become an instrument for God to perform a supernatural miracle in the life of her husband.

Dianne’s husband, Pastor Johnnie T. Lofton III, was hospitalized for 112 days. He spent 84 of those days in the intensive care unit. As Pastor Lofton’s health declined, doctors gave up hope twice and advised his family to say their final goodbyes. But it was Dianne who refused to believe what the doctors said about her husband both times.

“I laid in his bed next to him and spoke to his spirit, just as Elijah did,” said Dianne.

Doctors remained hopeless, unsure of what medical treatment or course of action would even work for this man of God. In their professional medical opinion, there were no other options for Pastor Lofton. But Dianne was sure of the word and the promise that God had spoken to her. Although her husband’s situation did not look good, Dianne knew that she had to remain steadfast and unmovable in her faith.

So, while the healthcare providers did what they could, Dianne did the only thing she knew to do: she prayed.

“If we speak life to a thing,” said Dianne, “and we believe what we say, it’s going to come to pass and it’s going to happen.”

For three days, Dianne prayed and fasted. She remained by her husband’s bedside pleading with God and reminding Him of every promise that He spoke concerning her husband.

After days of praying that her husband would regain consciousness and live, Pastor Lofton opened his eyes. Even after the doctors said that it wasn’t possible, this small physical activity was God’s way of saying yes.

“Hezekiah cried to the Lord and for 15 more years of life,” Dianne recounted, “and January of this year made 15 years.”

After having to re-learn how to speak, walk, read, and use basic motor skills, Pastor Lofton and Evangelist Lofton now travel together sharing their testimony of grace and healing to people around the world. The anointed couple have a deep passion for seeing people healed, delivered, and set free. Together they have cast out many evil spirits in the Name of Jesus. Their hope is to be examples of leaders who exemplify unconditional love.

Dianne also transformed the story of her husband’s testimony, among others, in a book entitled “Shine: Unlocking the Door to Your Miracle.”
In this book, Dianne shares a collection of true short stories of miracles that are written to inspire the reader to increase their faith in God. The book talks about how her obedience to the Holy Spirit has allowed her to be a first-hand witness to numerous miracles, signs, and wonders. She also writes of a woman who was called to rescue her child out of the morgue.

In addition to being a woman of faith, Dianne is a proud mother of four and grandmother of five. She says that her family is her greatest motivation.
Dianne and her husband, Pastor Lofton, currently co-pastor Bethlehem Baptist church in High Point, North Carolina where they have been serving in ministry for 34 years.

You can also find Dianne working tirelessly in the cities of High Point and Greensboro. She is an active mentor for the Weed and Seed Project and serves in the prison and nursing home ministries.

She also has affiliations with Total Christian TV and Morning Alive in Graham, North Carolina where she acted as a prayer partner and co-host.

When Dianne isn’t doing ministry work, she loves to sing and dance, no matter who is watching. She is inspired by music of all genres. Dianne also loves to admire nature and calls it “God’s work.” The best art to her is when God paints the sky with beautifully colored hues in a cloudy day or starry night.

“Lady Di,” as she is often called, believes that her mission is to “rescue the underdog.” She has a genuine drive to see others succeed.

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