Dion Siler – More than Average

Nia Smith | July 16th, 2012
Dion Siler - More than Average

Dion Siler (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

When mother of two, Deon Siler would take her boys to the barbershop when they were younger, she was always displeased with the work and tried to let the barber know exactly what she wanted. The barber then gave her the inspiration that led her to find and follow her passion. The words he spoke that day, “Why don’t you do it yourself?”, would have offended the most average customer. However, not Deon, 14 years later she is a prospering barber at the United Headlinerz Barbershop in Greensboro, N.C.

Barbering is not known as a field for women but Siler has never let that shy her away from her talent. She mentioned the 2002 comedy film, Barbershop where the rapper, Eve played the female barber in a male dominated industry. Eve was portrayed as this extra tough woman who worked hard to make a name for herself as a talented barber.

Siler’s knows this story all too well because it is her daily life that she has been dealing with from rude customers that have doubted her skills for many years to loving customers that come back again and again. “It was hurtful in the beginning—there were many nights where I sat down and cried, but I’ve learned to bite that bullet,” said Siler.

Siler plans on becoming an instructor so that she can bring more women into the barbering industry. “You have to embrace having a talent and a skill, and not feel like you don’t amount or compare to males or male barbers,” she says. She wants to empower women and her community. She is also an active member of the community organization “Ladies of the Triad.”

Even though there have been people that have refused her services—those nights of tears are long gone. So many established men have welcomed Siler with open arms. She has cut the heads of many celebrities such as Plies, Jadakiss, Young Buck and Jim Jones. She has also entered and won several hair shows that show that real talent cannot be denied. Those local patrons that have shunned her have done nothing but pushed her harder.

She is also an aspiring actress and has appeared in two films, I’m That Kind of Woman and Innocence. Her dream role is to play a female barber; to really let the world know and understand how much you have to work at this trade to really be successful as a women in the industry. “The community to me is a support system, it’s like another family, when I go to work its not just work, I’m a friend, a counselor and a confidant” says Siler. Siler specializes in specialty cuts like mohawks, fades and flattops along with facial and eyebrow services. To have a seat in her chair just walk in to Headlinerz and ask for her or you can make an appointment.

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