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Jalessa Rogers | July 19th, 2021
Djuan Short

Djuan Short

When you think of stress, you assume the cause of it would be employment or the engagement or involvement with other people. However, the number one leading contributing factor is mental.
Djuan Short is a licensed clinical therapist based in Philadelphia, PA, and the owner of Dahlia Rose Wellness. With her practice, she offers individual or child and family therapy sessions. She also takes an EMDR approach which suggests specialty care for those with past traumatic instances. Other services include yoga instruction and online therapy classes such as female entrepreneurship and relationship advice. Furthermore, the option of a holistic approach is available with a holistic psychotherapy session with Djuan.

Djuan provides consultations and counseling services for non-profits and businesses, as well. These services are designed to help pilot their staff more efficiently and, in some cases, produce the task more successfully. She believes her techniques for dealing with stress prove that a strong mindset encourages a great life. “I’m a people person at my core. I strive to understand the needs of others and assist with finding solutions for them,” she says.

Djuan received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland and Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. “The business was always an afterthought to me. It wasn’t until three years later the thought of Dahlia Rose Wellness Center came to fruition,” Djuan explains. “In 2017, I applied for a program that helped licensed therapists develop and achieve their practice. In May of 2019, the paperwork was filed, and the following January 2020, the doors were opened for business Djuan officially launched to the world, she says a freight train came roaring out of nowhere by the name of Covid. “I didn’t know what to think. I was trying to figure out whether or not I’m actually going to be able to have a lucrative business or even have a business at all,” Djuan says. Fortunately, Dahlia Rose Wellness was fruitful and became a beneficial service for people in April 2020, mainly because everyone needed guidance, and Djuan was positioned to provide it.

Since launching in 2020, the business has grown significantly, with Djuan being able to service a wide range of women, especially women of color. It’s success can be attributed their commitment to provide the best possible experience every day.

Djuan follows up her practices with journaling, yoga, and an emotional advisory team to keep her focused. “Since I’m a big advocate of practicing what you preach, I do the things that I preach to my clients,” she says. “I also invest very heavily in myself. I have a business coach, a book coach, and a money coach. Why? When you think about a business, it’s not just about creating a business to serve other people. You are truly creating a business to service yourself, and the business is only as good as you are in terms of how you take care of yourself at the end of the day.”

Consistency, collaboration,self-exploration, and balance are core values that Djuan lives by. Her goal is to show up in her clients’ lives and help them explore who they are and what they want out of life. Finding these things can help produce balance and self-esteem that others dream they could have. For example, a client of hers received a big offer from a job they were practicing for. While trying to hold back tears, Djuan was able to get her client to use her voice and trust herself. “Moments like that make me realize this is why I do what I do. It’s just reassuring and validating that my work is transformative.”

Djuan believes that being a constant learner, observer, and seeking wisdom and guidance from other people aids her business and grows it more. To add, this is what makes her work enjoyable. “Being able to be a positive presence and create my own working conditions, makes it all worth it,” she says.

Expansion is something that Djuan is considering in the near future. She would love to expand her clientele and staff and develop her coaching program. In addition, she would love to add different sources of income.

Djuan short also works with organizations such as ODAAP . She is also a board member on Dacha , which helps promote family planning and addresses teen violence and abuse.

To learn more about Dahlia Rose Wellness, please visit their website.

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