Dolla Black

by Terry Watson | July 19th, 2021
Dolla Black

Dolla Black

Dolla Black’s career began in 2009, when he found himself alongside his cousin performing at local showcases and open mics venues. For the most part, they wanted to have thier voices and music heard beyond the confines of their homes. “We were a group that performed under the name ‘Dem Boyz’. We had little to no experience, yet we were determined,” he says. The duo released a mixtape in 2005 and followed up with their debut album in 2011 titled “The Turbulence”, that officially planted the group in the Jackson music scene.

Dem Boyz released a follow-up mixtape hosted by DJ T. Lewis in 2012 that became a statewide success, leading to bigger and better shows, eventually opening more doors to benefit their overall goal of being respected as artists. During that same year, Dolla Black released his first solo single, which enabled him to see value in becoming a solo artist.

In 2014, he released his debut album titled “Let Me Work”. This was the first album release of his record label, Black Dolla Entertainment, and represented the official sound and brand of BDE. “Let Me Work allowed me to perform regionally and open for artists like Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., Big SANT, Kevin Gates, DeLorean, and more,” Dolla says. “These experiences pushed and encouraged me to believe in my passion for music.”

One of his producers and close friends, AVEVO, is regarded as the Sound of Dolla Black, and is heard as a staple in all projects and releases by Dolla. “We inspire each other creatively,” Dolla says. He’s also enjoyed working with producers TraxxOnDeck, AlumniBeatz, GotKoke, Hollywood Luck, SuperJay, FlyWlkr, Charles Palmer, Fred Nice, Rashad Street, DeMartini, Sigma, 5th Child, John Qwest, 5Weeks, D. Love, and more.

Some of the artist Dolla has worked with are Kiara, Yung Jewelz, Dré Dys, UNKNWN, Vitamin Cea, SiKa, Krystal Gem, Jo’De Boy, Josh Waters, Savvy, Coke Bumaye, Dev Maccc, Tricky LT 45, Kayoh Famous, Ray Kincaid, Rozay Mo, Mike Hustle, Los Brown, Slimbo Slice, OG Snap, DONO Vegas, D. Horton, Mookey Montana, Bigg Josh, and more.

More recently Dolla has connected with Super Producer WLPWR at BNDWTH Studios in Atlanta, GA. “We were able to connect and make a crazy record for the BlackJack collection titled ‘Never’. PZY and I just went crazy for the EP ‘The Ril’ and I’m certain the records that are coming from my collaborations with HoodMusik Beats & Che Rhenosonce will blow your mind,” he says.
Dolla shares that his career has been nothing short of amazing and fulfilling. “For me, being able to create music is second to only being able to be a part of giving life. The process of making something that could be so impactful to the world and speak for so many different people that may be going through the same thing is phenom

Dolla Black

Dolla Black

enal. I’ve been in rooms with people that I would only see on television or YouTube, and that in itself, I feel, is a testament to my hard work and dedication, and my purpose,” he says.

Dolla is inspired by potential. “It may sound basic, but knowing there is even a centimeter of opportunity, or a millimeter of chance that I can pull off something miraculous, drives me further than any car ever could. Just the belief that if I want it, or if I see it, and it’s a part of the bigger picture, it’s already mine,” Dolla shares.

Besides his natural drive, Dolla is motivated by his family. “My wife and my son make it all worth it. My will and desire to be a provider pushes me above and beyond everything. This drive keeps me up at night and won’t allow me to stop working on my dreams until they are complete. The biggest impact on my life I must credit my son with having it. He keeps me honest. Since his birth, I’ve been pushing myself to do more and ensure that I don’t make the mistake of ignoring who I need to be for him. Dream chasing isn’t for the faint of heart, and at times it distracts or calls for you to put down certain things that are more important than anything we build for. My son is a constant reminder that as long as I am giving everything my best, I’m doing just fine,” he shares.
Dolla also finds inspiration in seeing other artists flourish. He says knowing that he can give direction to someone and help to better themselves makes it all worth it. “Just knowing that I was able to help someone inspires me deeply.”

The music industry isn’t always friendly, and Dolla says you must put your big boy/girl pants on and be patient. “Not only patient with the process, but patient as you grow through the pains, successes, and failures that come with trying to do things that you have never done before. Sometimes patience is all that you’ll have left.”

His advice to others who may follow in his footsteps is to read. “Read, and then read some more, and find a new book and read again. Never get tired of being a student of what you’re pursuing. The only thing that’s constant in life is change, and that also applies to the careers and dreams that we set out to capture. Things will change. It’s inevitable,” Dolla said.

Moving forward, he plans to continue to strive to be the best artist, father, and businessman that he can be. “I plan to continue to push the limits of my growth and experience and develop into more than just an artist. One day soon, I hope to be in an executive position and manage the day-to-day aspects of the music business. I would also like to release a body of work that will be successful in my region and enable me to perform internationally. My dream has always been to provide for my family solely from the music business. Achieving that is at the top of my focus,” he says.

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