Don’t Just Talk About It, Be About It

by Terry Watson | January 24th, 2020
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

If we never allow ourselves to experience what we imagine, we are not really living our lives according to what God purposed us for. To achieve the impossible requires fortitude and determination. You must also be willing to let go of some things you previously thought were a part of you. Letting go also means that we are growing in the direction that our destiny is pointed.

I have heard that a dream is just a dream until action is applied. That is the moment at which a dream grows its wings and takes flight. I might say that I would like to lose 40 pounds of body weight this year, but if I never do anything that relates to getting me to that goal, all I am doing is talking to myself. To lose 40 pounds of body weight would require for me to change the way I eat, I would have to exercise and develop the attitude of someone who wants to be 40 pounds lighter. It would require me to apply action to my goal or dream.

In 2020, I’ve decided not to make a lot of resolutions. To be honest, many of the ones that I set last year, I didn’t reach. Instead, if I attempt to live a more positive lifestyle, there will be little or no room for negativity.  In terms of being positive, the things that seem impossible I will approach with a possible mindset.  Doors that may look closed, I am going to knock on them anyway with expectation. They have to open.

The most important action that we can make this year requires no action at all. To get to where we are dreaming of going, we must allow God to lead us. Life has proven that the navigational system created by man is full of flaws and will all too often lead us to a dead end. If we just sit still, be patient, and trust God to work for us, every dream we ever had will become a reality.

All that matters is what God has planned for our lives. If we dream it and give it back to God, we are then living a truly a purposed life.

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