Dr. Charmin Y. Anderson

by Terry Watson | September 19th, 2019
Dr. Charmin Y. Anderson

Dr. Charmin Y. Anderson

Who is looking for someone to fight for them? For those who are, Dr. Charmin Y. Anderson is ready and waiting to answer the call. The Hampton, VA resident is the founder of Fighting 4 Me, a powerful affirmation and movement that was developed as a result of some personal battles she has faced in life. After a bout with cancer, suffering a stroke, experiencing domestic violence, and the loss of her twin girls she decided to create something would teach women how to turn their circumstances into a superpower. This is when she began to fight!

Anderson is a domestic violence coach, nonprofit startup consultant, and sits on the board as VP of the 501c(3) nonprofit organization, Hope With A Vizion. She’s also a mother, friend, sister, and lover of life. She is also very fond of music, particularly African music, and has a heart for poetry and dancing. However, she is most passionate about helping people to help others.

With all the things that Anderson is involved with, she is most comfortable when she can write. “I have always been a writer, and it’s one of my favorite things to do. I use writing as a positive outlet to express my emotions,” she says. Anderson passion for writing has involved into some impressive productions. She has written several books, including one about her own life and personal struggles, and is currently working on a few others. “Writing my story allowed me to write my way to freedom. It was my way to finally take the necessary steps to heal,” she shares. “I wrote my first book, Behind My Smile; Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare, years ago. I pondered over the idea of releasing it mainly because I wrote it from a very angry and hateful place. I didn’t want it to be the kind of work I shared with my readers, so I trashed the initial draft and rewrote it,” she says. That was a good move for Anderson because the book made it on Amazon’s best seller’s list within 15 minutes of its release.

Her first book tells the story of what happened to Anderson and gives readers the insight to how that relationship in reference developed. It also gives intimate details of her life and some of the traumatic experiences she experienced not only as a child, but also as an adult. Her newest production, When Dead Flowers Bloom (available October 2019) will be released, it will be the continuation of Behind My Smile, Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare. It starts off with a heavy hitter letter that Anderson says might upset a few. “These are real feelings that most people are afraid to admit they’ve had,” she says. The book will fill also fill in all the empty blanks that most people have from her first writing. “Neither of the books were easy to write but are essential parts of my healing process. I believe they will inspire other women to continue to fight for themselves.”

Anderson says the most enjoyable part of life and career is the opportunities they provide her to help others. “I realize that trying to help others isn’t a one-man job. I want to create a domino effect in which everyone whose life I impact, will in return step up and help others,” she says.

Though by only reading Anderson’s books, one might not be able to see the difficulties she faces while writing them. She shares the task can be quite difficult. “The hardest thing for me was allowing people into the vulnerable parts of my life. Writing my book was one thing, but talking to people face to face, was something completely different. It was kind of scary. I would see and feel their emotions and hear their comments as I talked. Once I published my book, that was it. There was no more hiding, and it was extremely hard to put myself on the front lines especially when the background was a safe space for me,” Anderson said.
Anderson says that her two children are the driving force for all that she does. “Statistics say they should be on medication and drugs and be criminals. But they are not. Instead they are both successful and living their best lives and by doing so make me so proud to be their mommy,” she says.

Anderson hopes that her efforts of trying to be a constant representation of winning, others may benefit as well. “It is easy to get lost in a world that is so full of pain and heartaches. However, in the process of helping others, we must ensure that we do our due diligence by taking great care of our greatest asset, ourselves,” she says. “Everything that I have endured in my life has made me into the woman that I am today. My goal is to assist others with obtaining their breakthrough.”
Her plans on moving forward are to help as many women as possible. “I personally believe that there is nothing more powerful than a movement of women standing on the front lines in unison and fighting for themselves,” she says. She is also in the process of turning her book into a feature film. Her third book, Fighting 4 Me; I Won’t Stop, is set to be released in February 2020.

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