Dr. Erika Hendrix & Pastor Betina Moffitt

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | January 17th, 2019
Dr. Erika Hendrix & Pastor Betina Moffitt (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Dr. Erika Hendrix & Pastor Betina Moffitt (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

It’s a known fact that friends can have the same goal, can be equally intelligent, possess the same drive, but travel opposite paths on their journey to the same destination. Dr. Erika Hendrix and Pastor Betina Moffitt, the hosts of 107.9 FM’s, ‘The Xperience Live’ radio show, are perfect proof.

At the age of seven, Betina Moffitt gave her life to Christ. Her father, Charlie Watson, is a pastor, having been saved on the street, so she knew the power of following God’s word. The same night she was saved, young Betina began laying hands and prophesying. And she found joy in passing out miniature Bibles to whomever would take one.

Erika Hendrix bloomed a little later but still knew when it was the right time in her life to embrace the change. And she had to fight for it. As teens, her twin brother was called to serve God and was fully embraced and praised for his gift. A few years later, Dr. Hendrix had a dream that it was her time, and felt she was ready. Her family felt otherwise. “Growing up in a Baptist family, it was unheard of for women to be called to preach, as men were. But I knew I was ready,” she confirms.

In 1995, both aspiring ministers experienced major shifts. Pastor Moffitt was in the process of nurturing a relationship that would later lead to marriage and motherhood, while Dr. Hendrix continued to explore her singleness and figure out where her life, career, and spirituality were headed. That year, they were both being called to do the Lord’s work and their mentor Bishop Donnie Graves was there to guide them through it all. He noticed contrasting qualities in each of them and set out to nurture them individually. While Erika received frequent phone calls and coaching sessions, Betina received words of encouragement and minimal guidance. In December of that year, they were both ordained as ministers on the same night during the same service.

On the night of the sermon, Dr. Hendrix’s family arrived at the church to cheer her on. Unfortunately, before entering the church, her grandfather had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. Dr. Hendrix forged ahead, delivering the sermon that would ordain her as a minister, but she knew from that moment on she wouldn’t be able to rely on anything but her faith. Even if her family couldn’t be there, she had to continue.

Their paths moved in opposite directions over the years; Pastor Moffitt continued to breathe life into her family unit to strengthen it while Erika decided that her five-year plan would not involve a committed relationship, avoiding any deterrents. She obtained a bachelor’s degree from N.C. A&T, a master’s degree from Hood University, and a doctorate from ITC Seminary. Both always kept their eyes on the prize and never lost their faith.

“This past summer God put it on my heart to do a radio show. But I didn’t know where to go. I remember I had used 107.9, which is a non-profit radio station, to do advertisement for our summer camp. He was looking to add more people, so I reached out to him,” explains Dr. Hendrix.

Their goal wasn’t to deliver an ‘all-out’ preaching show, but to offer practical principles to live by while sharing their personal life experiences. In the fall of 2018, Pastor Bettina Moffitt and Dr. Erika Hendrix made history with the radio station, by being the first females to go live and have their own talk show. Because it has been such a hit, the station has gotten flocked with calls from others interested in following in their footsteps.

“We take for granted that people know how to pray, or study the bible, or even live life on a daily basis,” says Dr. Hendrix. The show’s inaugural topic in October was ‘How to finish strong, specifically, how to finish what you start.’ The topic in November focused on personal vision. Many churches focus on goals for their entity but may forget about the vision of their worshippers. The two ladies want to promote thoughts on their individual lives and that of their families. Their most recent conversation was ‘Promises of God’. They pride themselves on using scripture and the word of God to teach these lessons and they encourage their listeners to actually use a physical Bible.

“I believe the radio program removes an intimidating factor because we don’t do hard preaching. We sit down and talk. I think what we have that others may not, is, we’re transparent. Sometimes the church misses that,” says Pastor Moffitt.

In 2019, the duo plan to offer more conversations surrounding women’s issues, including, the wife’s role in a marriage, what place do single women have in the church, specifically women of color in ministry. Early on, the ladies were not always welcomed with open arms in a male-dominated field but they both feel that now is the perfect time for women to claim a firm stance at the podium and hold other visible roles.

“Women need to know that they can pastor more than just women. What makes them more well-rounded is when they can pastor men, families, singles, seniors, and anyone else,” Dr. Hendrix affirms. And because there are so few women, she wants to stress the need to encourage each other’s gifts and not compete. Listeners will hear them expound on these topics much more on the weekly program that airs on Thursdays from 1 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Additionally, the show has been a vehicle to promote what they’re doing individually. Pastor Moffitt is growing her church, Overcoming Deliverance Center, alongside her father, who serves as the Overseer. They’ve implemented an initiative penned ‘Restore 1 Win 1’ hoping to serve and build the community and the families that live in it. Dr. Hendrix lends her time to assist the pastor wherever she needs it.

This year will also see Dr. Hendrix publish a book entitled “An Open Letter to the Black Church”, and later, a workbook on moving from discipleship to mentorship. But the connection doesn’t stop there with these two. Dr. Hendrix is the pastor’s instructor at Apex School of Theology, as the pastor works towards her first bachelor’s degree.

Dr. Erika Hendrix and Pastor Betina Moffitt are busy ministering, teaching, and serving their communities in multiple capacities. They’ve touched many lives through radio frequency for the last three months and they can’t wait to minister to even more and have a greater impact on their growing audience.

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