Dr. Erika Hendrix

Dr. Erika Hendrix | September 16th, 2016
Dr, Erika Hendrix (Photo by Jarvis Harris)

Dr, Erika Hendrix (Photo by Jarvis Harris)

In the opening night of the DNC Convention America had the great fortuity to hear our FLOTUS, Michele Obama, speak to us about how black America has evolved to this place. There where many points that she made that illuminated for black America and on in particular was the privilege to live in house built by slaves. FLOTUS also gave us insight into a life lesson that she and POTUS have taught their girls, and many of us will never forget it. The lesson simply is, “When they low, we go high.”

The plight in Black America is not the absence of significance; it’s the absence of our true meaning of self. We have always been able to rise above any barrier that has been placed before us. The Millennial’s today operate from a place of fear not confidence. Dr. Howard Thurman in his book, Jesus and the Disinherited defines for us, “fear is one of the persistent hounds of hell that dog the footsteps of the poor, the dispossessed, the disinherited.” This is nothing new for black America, but we must embrace the urgency to go high when others have tired to keep us low.

I have been given the opportunity to preach and teach for twenty-one years in many places and the one thing that I have observed in our congregational settings is the perpetual presence of praise. We praise not only in our sound, but in our words to those whom we fellowship with weekly. Praise and adoration was birthed out of our tradition to not give up, but to press and keep our head up high. The analogy of going low means we allow others opinion to facilitate the direction in which our lives take. The climate of fear grips us and backs us into a corner and we feel the only way to come out is to fight. Fighting from a place of confidence is good when you know who you are. But when we fight from a place of fear and lack the assurance of knowing who we are, the target is anything or anybody that will try to stop us.

There are certain economic, social and political powers that have advantages over us; and when we lack these essential qualities it is hard to fight back when we do not know whom the real enemy is. The elementary fear of death is absent in Black America, because many have not found purpose to live for. I believe the family unit has suffered tremendously, because the family dynamics have changed. We now have more single families, blended families, grandparents that have become parents again raising a generation of Millennial’s. This generation is technologically advanced, but lacks the need for direct communication between each other.

The essence of going high means we look beyond where we currently are and see prophetically the plans that God has for us. Black America has always had a prophetic call from our ancestors. We have been able to see and overcome our plight from our low places and/or situations by trusting and believing in a God that we could not see, but believed that God was able to deliver us to our high place in Him. The plans that God has for us cannot be comprehended by the natural mind. When we have been given the gift to see it is not just for us, but it is for those who are connected to us. The high places that God will send us are not just for ourselves, but for everyone that God has assigned to us to perpetuate a season of change. The high places in our lives out weigh every low place that we have encountered. We must be grateful for the low places because it pushed us to our next level. There have been times when it was the low places that exposed my inner sight to connect with my current situation and lead me to my destiny in God.

Black America has the threat of violence and the presence of it all around us, but we must go high and not low and look beyond the threat and grab hold of the opportunities that we have been afforded.

In conclusion we do not owe this life anything, but we owe everything to God. The best way to leave your mark on this earth is to release those things that have attached themselves to you. The best way to release those things is to bury them and let go. Embrace this new life that God has given you, the deep calls for the deep. The Spirit of God is calling you from your low place to a high place of expectation, opportunity and purpose. There are places you will go and there are people you will meet so don’t limit your destination to where you are now. Allow the spirit of God to transform you thinking, for it was good that we have been afflicted. Affliction is not crippling, it is freedom from what was and there is hope in what shall be.

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