Dr. Lawrence V. Bolar

by Terry Watson | September 13th, 2018
Dr. Lawrence V. Bolar

Dr. Lawrence V. Bolar

Dr. Lawrence V. Bolar is an educator of 25 years, a published author, and motivational speaker. Ever since the age of 15 he has been is passionate about the teaching and learning, for both students and adults. These passions have helped him to develop programs for under-resourced and underrepresented students, while meeting their needs and helping them to overcome insurmountable challenges. His primary mission is to inspire every individual to unleash their untapped gifts and talents that God created in them.

Dr. Bolar is very adamant about utilizing his calling to impact others. “As a published author, I recognize that there is an enormous amount of responsibility that lies beneath each line that I produce. My words have the power and capacity to reach people that I will never meet. Therefore, it’s important that everything that I produce is fact checked, researched based, and founded on biblical principles,” he says. “My voice and my books are my products. Speaking and writing is an honor and a pleasure for me. There are millions of people in the world speaking and sending out messages every day. My only concern is the quality of the message delivered. These messages are often times opinionated and taken at face value. Depending on the individual, people don’t question whether or not the message is factual or just opinionated.”

Dr. Bolar began writing while in high school, however he lacked the guidance and confidence needed to start and finish a project. He decided to start teaching others how to write instead. A part of his business is “Writing From Start 2 Finish”. As an author, he often meets others who have a strong desire to write a book but lack the knowledge on how to get started. In his attempt to help or give back, he arranges various strategic methods and procedures to provide a format to help others start and finish their work. “I strongly believe that there is at least one book in all us that will create change in everyone who reads it,” he says.

His general focus is rooted in research-based strategies that empower others to read, digest what they have read, and carry out the information with fidelity so they may live their best lives. “I believe that we are a sum total of our experiences. It’s in this belief that I recognize we can also learn from other experiences, such as partnering with homeless students and families who are impoverished. Also, students with incarcerated parents or parents who are incapable of providing the emotional or psychological assistance that 21st century students demand,” he says.

Dr. Bolar has a genuine concern for others. He has a master’s degree in counseling and uses what he’s learned in life and through his education to assist and support others. Some of the titles of his works are, Nothing Substitutes Time, No Parents Left Behind, Strategies of Success For the 21st Century Parent, Eradicating The Saggy Pants Syndrome in America, Dissertation Marathon, A Three Year Guide To Crossing the Finish Line, New Beginnings, Responding To The Call, and The Non-Negotiable: Educating African American Male students K-12.

Dr. Bolar says he is inspired by God, family, and life. “I know that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengths me and gives me hope and encouragement,” he shares. He is also Inspired by the relationships developed from the experiences of working with students who have had enormous challenges in their home, school and community.

He says writing allows him to create opportunities with the world. And even though time may be his greatest challenge, he references the bible and how it teaches that some people plant, some people water, but God gives the increase. “I want to see the increase in people’s lives,” he shares.

Moving forward, Dr. Bolar has plans to keep writing and speaking to anyone who will listen. He loves motivating people to live there best life and helping them in whatever capacity that is possible. “My career has been amazing and I don’t have very much I would change about it. I enjoy the challenges, though if I was given the opportunity to change anything, I would create an opportunity where I could speak to every individual in the world about how important it is for them to get their individual message out,” he says.

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