Dress Appropriately Because Your Season Will Change

by Terry Watson | January 9th, 2015
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. However you pick your poison, these are the four seasons that God has blessed everyone with to endure, enjoy or even dread. Personally I am able to find some good and bad in them all. I also understand that I’m fortunate to experience these changes as it is proof that I am alive. Just as the seasons change, so does everything else in life. I believe that God made it happen this way so that we don’t become too comfortable with calmness, and too weary from the storms and turmoil.

Nothing is meant to last forever. Today we are here and tomorrow many will be gone. There are peaks and valleys that I wish would stay the same, or at least I had the ability to predict their occurrence. I also wish I could make everyone happy but I gave up on that a long time ago. Instead I concentrate my efforts on trying not to make others unhappy. Either way, I understand that each day I must decide if I will strive or surrender, and in doing so I must prepare myself for whatever it may bring.

Dress appropriately for the changing seasons of your life. Similar to the feeling you get when you put on new clothes or when you buy a new car, your climate could feel like the Spring. Look around and if all of a sudden, new acquittances appear to just sprout from the ground, it could be your Spring season. Put on the full armor of God and defiantly challenge your naysayers. Be wise and aware during the tenacious moments, and pray. These are like the warmer parts of the year. When it seems as if you’re doing everything right but still moving backwards, check yourself to ensure that you’re outfitted in something cool because if you keep pushing things will get hotter.

As you begin to walk in your destiny you might lose some of the new friends you made, and for no reason that you can define. The new clothes will become worn and will not fit like they once did. If you wear them too long they might bust and leave you naked and exposed. That would be a clear signal that it’s time to find a new pair. But where do you go to find one?

Pray again and tell God all about it. As things begin to calm and subside, you might find comfort while meditating on God’s word. He will explain why you got soaked during the rain, burned during the heat, numb during the cold, and calm when He determined you might have learned your lesson. Though the seasons may change, God proves to us over and over again, that He will always remain the same.

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