Dynacon Events Center

by Terry Watson | September 20th, 2021
William "Bill" Waller (Photos by TMF Photography)

William “Bill” Waller (Photos by TMF Photography)

There are few places with the history and popularity like Greensboro, NC’s Best Kept Secret! The Dynacon Event Center and multimedia venue, located on East Wendover Avenue, is an elegant facility offering more than 10,000 square feet of meeting or entertainment space for upscale events as well as available offices for growing businesses.

Owned and operated by former technology executive, business owner and general contractor William (Bill) Waller, this unique facility has a history unlike any other of its kind. First constructed in 1943 as a hospital for Army enlistees who needed physicals prior to being deployed overseas during the Second World War, this building eventually became a famous nightclub that hosted jazz artists including Miles Davis, Benny Goodman, and John Coltrane. In the 1960s this facility became a sports arena where legendary boxer Rocco Francis Marchegiano, better known as Rocky Marciano, refereed wrestling matches. In the 1980s the future Dynacon Event Center would become an Army/Navy store before becoming an indoor roller hockey arena in the 1990s, and finally being acquired by Bill Waller in 2002.

“it is funny because when I was living in New York and working in high technology, I never thought that I would own a place like this, said Waller. After moving to North Carolina as President of Vectrix Corporation, a high tech company eventually sold, I acquired a general contractors license and became active in residential and commercial construction. This is actually how I acquired the Dynacon, which was a down payment on a house for a local chiropractor.”

As Waller continued to follow this new path, the roots for Greensboro’s most popular event center would begin to take shape. Although this would start out as an office/warehouse for his newest construction company, Dynacon Development, Inc. as well as a non-profit organization, SHARE of North Carolina, Inc. a tornado would change all of this in 2010.

“This tornado did extensive damage, and actually ripped the roof off leaving it in the middle of the road,” said Waller. Although a damaging situation like this would leave some giving up and taking the easy street back to retirement, this was not the case for Waller.

“Instead of going back to the land of retirement, I made the decision to gut this building and turn it into a 10,000 Square Foot (sq ft) event center with added office/retail space,” said Waller. “Much like having to learn to become a contractor, I once again had to learn how to become the operator of a successful event center.”

Keeping the name that was a product of a previous dynamic computer company, the all-new Dynacon Event Center began to come to life in 2014 thanks to the more than $500,000 that was invested in reconstruction and improvement of the former warehouse turned event center as well as the hiring of a talented staff that included building manager and event planner Nanette Carter.
The talented young woman who grew up in a home full of caterers and event coordinators became an essential part of helping Waller with his new dream to host some of the Triad’s most upscale events including weddings, receptions, festivals, parties, corporate events and so much more.

“Thanks to these improvements and hiring of amazing staff like my right-hand person, Nanette Carter, it wouldn’t be long before we became a big name in event management,” said Waller. “In fact, we began getting noticed by major media outlets like Black Entertainment Television (BET) within the first few years of opening. We have also become the go to place for weddings, including local celebrity weddings,” said Waller.

the Dynacon has become the go to place for the most romantic day of most people’s lives. This is mainly due to their ability to offer three separate rooms that can accommodate up to 300 people with a cozy, upscale ambiance. They also provide services like décor including a Roman arch, linens in every color imaginable, a cash bar with an added bartender, and a disc jockey with your choice of music, photographer, valet parking, security catering, and wedding director for as low as $6,800. These amenities are what separates them from other event venues. It’s the Dynacom difference.

Along with becoming the go to place for glamorous and intimate weddings the Dynacon has also become a popular venue for corporate luncheons, screenplays, live performances, and baby showers. “The best part about all this is that we offer a variety of layouts and opportunities for any event that you could imagine with the highest safety available,” said Waller. These protective measures not only include our on-staff security, but also implemented health safety measures that ensure that each event attendee is protected against the COVID-19 virus, including cleaning, and sanitizing our building every day, we take everyone’s temperature as they come in the door, distancing tables at least 6-feet apart and assuring that crowds are kept at a minimum.”

Now that it has become the go to place for events what does the future look like for the Dynacon Event Center? “We are interested in growing within this community,” said Waller. Along with continuing to develop as a multi-cultural event center for the Triad area, we are also interested in helping local small businesses thrive and succeed through the offering of affordable office space as well as the support needed to grow.”

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