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Ellen Richardson | July 19th, 2021
Alton Edmond

Alton Edmond

One of the most talented attorneys in the state of Florida is not your average superhero. Alton Edmond, Owner and Founder of Edmond Law LLC, knew from the time that he was five years of age that he wanted to be a lawyer. “Since I was 5 years old, I knew that I wanted to be an attorney, which was not going to be easy since I was a kid growing up in the projects of Harlem, Florida, who lived with a single mother on a fixed income,” said Edmond. For this dream to become a reality, this real-life superhero would have to break all his family’s generational curses and even disregard the surroundings that he was raised in to achieve what some may consider the inconceivable. “I have to admit that pursuing this path was not easy at the beginning, but after a high school guidance counselor told me that I would never be a lawyer I made the decision that I was not going to let anyone, or anything stop me from being what I wanted to be.”

As he continued to stay focused on this dream, Edmond would find himself at the University of Florida and eventually Florida A & M College of Law where he became inspired by the many African American professionals who made this University what it is. “When I went to law school I faced a culture shock because when I went to the University of Florida I only had three black professors, but when I got to law school I was taught by people of color from Ivy League colleges and all over the nation. This was one of the first times in my life that I could walk onto a campus and be inspired by black professionals and black excellence, which gave me the realization that I could also be an inspiring professional for other black youth,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

After graduating from law school and passing the Florida Bar Exam on his first attempt, Edmond would begin to see his childhood dream come true. “After becoming a fully licensed attorney I wanted to become involved in criminal law because I came from a very poor, minority community and there were many things that I witnessed that I did not feel were right when it came to the criminal justice system, so I wanted to do my part to help make a change,” said the future superhero.

Using his desire to work as an attorney who could inspire a change on a state level, Edmond would attempt to return to the place where he served as a law school legal intern to become a prosecutor. “The funny thing is the Florida State Attorney’s office in Orlando, Florida wouldn’t even interview me the first go around,” he said. “It wasn’t until I had obtained a job already that I was interviewed by the Brevard County state attorney’s office.” Although he would not be hired at this office or in the position that he had planned, God’s new plan would give Edmond the opportunity to serve as a defense attorney.

As his new path would emerge, Edmond would begin to serve as an associate defense attorney for two law firms before becoming an assistant public defender for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. “I loved this job but was let go after wearing a Black Lives Matter necktie, which my boss thought was a political statement instead of a human rights issue,” he said. Although this would seem like a setback to most, this opportunity became a step up for the man who would not let anything stop him from achieving his dream. “Two days after I lost my job I started my own law firm.”

Founded in Black History Month of 2017 Edmond Law, LLC offers criminal litigation, juvenile delinquency, criminal traffic violation, business/contract law and even the preparation of last will and testaments. “I became an attorney because I wanted to become an advocate for people that cannot advocate on their own and I wanted to be the voice for the voiceless people of society, and this is exactly what I built this firm to become,” said Edmond.

In his efforts to inspire others to empower others to achieve their own personal goals, this defender of people and voice for the voiceless also took this time to expand a motivational speaker, workshop, and events organization that he began after graduating from law school. “Edmond Inspiration, LLC was founded with the goal to motivate others to overcome what holds them back,” said Edmond. Whether this involves poverty, bullying, low self-esteem, racism, and many other forms of adversity, I speak and hold workshops to provide the hope that people need to hear.”
Despite starting this as a for profit company, Edmond is now turning this into a non-profit organization that assists children from his hometown of Harlem, as well as children from Emma Jewel Charter Academy, in Cocoa, Florida, in obtaining scholarships. “I am on a variety of community boards in Brevard County, FL, but the one that is the nearest and dearest to my heart is Emma Jewel Charter Academy, which is a charter school that was established in one of the poorest areas of Brevard County. This K-8th grade school takes in children who are failing at other public schools, and we help them not only become educated, but we also support them in other areas where they have been struggling. My goal is to use my speaking company to give a scholarship to one young man and woman who grew up in this school, so that they can go on to college. I also want to help a young man, who is growing up poor in Harlem to go on and achieve his dreams through a good education.”

As if these efforts to help others were not enough, Florida’s own superhero has also done his part to continue supporting those who are wrongly accused, primarily in the black community. “On June 6, 2020, I helped to organize the largest peaceful human rights protest that had ever taken place in Brevard County,” said Edmond. “The local news reported on this, there were helicopters flying around, but we were blessed to have the FBI, ATF and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to monitor threats and keep the estimated 50,000 protestors, and other area businesses safe.” Along with holding one of the most successfully peaceful protests of its kind, Edmond also put forth his effort to improve the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office last year. “I became a candidate for Brevard Sheriff in 2020, who was trying to do my part to rectify some of the social justice issues that are going on in this county sheriff’s office. This effort included my efforts to assist this department in locating the funding necessary to install body cameras on deputies that would provide evidence for future court cases.”

While Edmond has yet to be elected to the political side of the Brevard County justice system, he is definitely making a difference and we at Huami applaud this superhero. He is an inspiration to us all!

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