Edward Surratt

Toya Moore | January 17th, 2019
Edward Surratt

Edward Surratt

Be impactful, be in demand. Be international. That is the dream of Edward Surratt. Originally from Lincolnton, N.C., Edward is on a mission to educate and motivate as many people as he can. He wears many different hats, but with one consistent message; Expect Greater. Those words are more than a catch phrase or a business tagline Edward shares. “It’s a movement and a part of my ministry, and my motivation.

Edward is one of the state’s greatest movers and shakers and a highly sought-after speaker who not only empowers but engages audiences on a national level.

Edward has been an ordained pastor since 2002, and is also a husband, mentor, author, and motivational speaker. Throughout his life he has used the word of God to bring a simple message to anyone who would listen. That practice developed into what is his personal mantra; his business and a way of life which is Expect Greater. There have been many things that have steered Edward to where he is today. He shares one experience that occurred while he was pastoring in a local housing authority community. There he met a young male who approached him and shared his salvation and love for God. However, the young man asked Edward to teach him how to live today. “Teach me how to survive where I am today,” Edward says the young man said. “I had to take a step back and realize that I was doing a disservice by trying to win young souls over to Christ without teaching them how to live on a day to day basis. I had to change that mindset and by doing so I was able to capture more young people and help them survive. I was also able to help lead them to Christ. This experience really changed my life and open the door to motivational speaking.”

Even before the Expect Greater brand, Edward has always been involved in ministering and giving back to his community. For the past 20 years, he has been mentoring youth. “I truly believe it is important to give time, encouragement and support to young people. At one point I even had my own mentoring program. If it was up to me, I would try mentor everyone, but time and resources doesn’t allow for that,” he says.

“Expect Greater is for all ages,” says Edward. “Many of my workshops are youth focused, but the topics are not limited to youth and youth programs. I often conduct group coaching sessions for youth programs, schools or church groups. As a result of these sessions, many of the participants have expressed how impactful the information has been in their lives. They have also requested more. It’s almost as if my participants – Expect Greater.” In a response his students request for something tangible from the workshops, Edward has written a book, “Three Weeks to A Focused Future”. In it, he takes the concepts and messages used in his workshops to create daily principles to help workshop participants and readers stay encouraged and focused on their dreams or goals. He is currently working on his second and third which are scheduled to be released in 2019.

There are certain attributes that one must possess in order to be an effective motivational speaker. For Edward, it’s his calm approach. He also speaks with confidence about his challenges and successes. “I am never surprised at the blessings God has bestowed upon me, my business, and this ministry. I have learned to expect nothing but the greatness of God. I expect to get invited to speak. I expect to meet people and connect with others. I expect for people to read my books and attend my workshops,” he says.

His ministry and teachings have allowed to travel throughout the United States and overseas, spreading the Expect Greater message. The Expect Greater team includes promoter Bernard Pitts, and Michael Anderson, a gospel rapper. Everyone’s spouse is also considered a part of the team, as they provide logistical support, encouragement, and the missing details needed to maintain a rigorous travel schedule. The Expect Greater team has traveled to Cuba, Uganda and Amsterdam to participate in youth activities and do motivational and inspirational concerts and preach the word of God. The team is currently in negotiations to travel to the Philippines and Ghana, and other international locations.

Edward offers his motivational services to anyone who seeks them. He also hopes to continue to impact and change the lives of others with his message. “No matter how bad your situation is or how tough things may appear, If you believe that God has placed greatness on the inside of you, then you should Expect Greater,” he says. To schedule a date and time for him to speak at your next event, please contact him

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