Elayne “Charity” Gilchrist

by Terry Watson | February 10th, 2011
Elayne "Charity" Gilchrist

Elayne "Charity" Gilchrist

Her resume’ paints a picture far different than that of a gospel singer. Yet she decided to sing praises unto God, glorifying him as she introduces the artist, Charity, to the world. Elayne Gilchrist of Charlotte, N.C., has a sincere compassion to help others along their path in life. As a captain, Gilchrist’s full time profession is to oversee incarcerated individuals as they pay their debts to society within the confines of North Carolina’s penal system.

When she was just a teenager, Gilchrist says that she talked really fast and people had trouble understanding what she was trying to say. However, when she would sing everyone knew exactly what she was trying to explain. Singing has allowed her to encourage others as others have encouraged her. Gilchrist says she has so much to be thankful for. She has released two singles, Let It Rain and He’s For Real. Currently, she is working on her new album, A Walk of Faith, set to be released in the spring of 2011. “I believe my first single is special because it was produced with my one and only son, Jason, an upcoming gospel rap artist,” says Gilchrist. “I strive daily to be an encouragement to others, especially teens.”

Gilchrist says she finds inspiration from the blows that life has dealt her. “My daily prayer is that I will encourage others. I pray that God continues to humble my spirit so that I can be an example to my child as well as the hungry souls searching for the peace that I know only Christ can give,” she says. Instead of allowing a series of tragedies derail her dreams, she turned those ordeals into victories. A month after she was married, her mother-in-law passed away. A few months later her mother died as well. As she leaned on her husband of just seven months for strength, he also passed away and then her dad died as well. As if she hadn’t seen her share of misfortunes, Gilchrist’s nephew, who she raised as her very own son, was murdered.

These situations initiated a praise in Gilchrist. “God’s grace and mercy kept me and I will forever give God the honor and the praise,” she says. Gilchrist states that she will continue to sing God’s praises and bring music into the lives of those who may or may not know the Lord. Her prayer is that those that do not know the Lord will receive Him through her praises and experiences.

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