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by Terry Watson | September 20th, 2021
Dj and Dr. Jasmine Felder

Dj and Dr. Jasmine Felder

Don’t look now, but the way physical fitness is understood is changing. Elite Sports & Performance Academy is a training academy that believes in utilizing experience and professional knowledge to build an elite system while advancing its clients in every area of development. Thier concept is TEAM; everyone is involved to maximize motivation and optimal participation.

Elite Sports & Performance Academy is led by husband and wife duo Dj and Dr. Jasmine Felder. Their mission is to create an experience for total body progression. They pride themselves on being detailed, as they are keen on individualization. “We prioritize our training with recovery and injury prevention first, which helps us maximize the improvements of our clients,” they said.

Dj and Dr. Felder strategically structured their training curriculum to address all skill and experience levels. After playing at the collegiate and international levels of basketball and years of experience working with children’s mental health, DJ Felder began to focus on the overall athlete performance. Dr. Felder, a physical therapist, provides both collegiate experience and workout expertise with doctoral knowledge for prevention and recovery. With their skillsets combined, they provide a unique tailored training experience.

At Elite Sports & Performance Academy, they offer three programs: sports training, #fitWIFEmomLIFE/#fitMOMlife, and bridge the gap. Their Sports Training Program is tailored to developing fundamentals and skills in each sports element, whether on the track, field, or court. Their #fitWIFEmomLIFE/#fitMOMlife program provides moms who have a hectic schedule with the option to have a physical therapist come to their home. This program is a workout tailored to develop the pelvic floor while individualizing their cient’s physical needs. Finally, their Bridge the Gap program is designed for athletes discharged by a doctor or have completed formal physical therapy but require help with returning to sports. “We provide attention to injury prevention, form, body mechanics, and ongoing weakness that sometimes results from lacking endurance. No doctor referral is needed to have access to a physical therapist. This option allows us to address issues related to conditioning and provide education or activities in a wellness setting,” they share.

DJ specializes in overall athlete performance and has been coaching and building up athletes for over ten years. He was born in Topeka, Kansas but was raised in Hinesville, Georgia. He found himself leaning on sports a lot during his childhood, with basketball becoming a passion. He has modeled himself into an experienced and knowledgeable athlete throughout his life, working with athletes on and off the court/field. He played collegiate basketball at East Georgia State University and led his team to its first championship in program history. He later transferred and played for Jacksonville State University. Following graduation, he played years of international basketball until deciding to start a family with Jasmine.

Though Dr. Jasmine Felder was born in Frankfurt, Germany, she was raised all over the world due to active military involvement by her parents. She graduated from Bob Jones High School in Huntsville and was a part of the first girl’s basketball championship team her junior year. That same team went on to repeat the championship that following year. After graduating, Dr. Felder played basketball for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Throughout her sports career, she suffered multiple injuries, one that was career-ending. As devastating as this was, this further fueled her. She graduated with her doctoral degree from Alabama State University in 2016. Since becoming Dr. Felder, she has tailored her practice to sports and orthopedic. She also specializes in Temporomandibular Jaw Dysfunction (TMD) and has a keen interest in women’s health. She provides both collegiate experience and workout expertise with the knowledge for injury prevention and total recovery. Dr. Felder is also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

The idea of Elite Sports is something that DJ and Dr. Felder have always talked about for years. “We always dreamed of having a gym, but we never really got into the specifics. It’s always been on the back burner sort of speak. I have never been a monetary risk-taker, and I’ve always been strategic. However, in June of this year, we turned 30, and I reminisced about how much we accomplished individually and together. I thought about what’s next and what our lives could be in the next ten years. I saw that the time was now,” Dr. Felder shares. DJ shares, “It was time that we put our faith into something that we both would love to do for the rest of our lives. It’s always been a thought and a goal, and now is the time that we execute.”

Dr. Felder shares that she is inspired mostly by her family. “I go hard for my crew! I just want our little ones to do better than us and not have to face some of the challenges we have.” DJ credits his wife with having the impact on his life. “My wife is my biggest inspiration. She wakes up every morning and does something she loves, something she worked hard for over the years. The drive and the determination that she has rubbed off on me, and I can’t wait to inspire others,” he says.

Running a business and managing careers, all while raising two kids, sounds quite challenging; however, it’s something the Felders appear to do very well. “We are a busy family of four, and we both still work full-time. Our little boy is just six months old, and our first child is two years old, so being intentional about our business time and time together without sacrificing too much of the precious time we have with our children is hard, but I know it will pay off,” Dr. Felder says. “Getting started was very challenging for us. We want to rent out some space or partner with a gym initially, but that’s been a challenge with pricing. We just want to get the Madison area and surrounding cities to understand that we are for health and fundamental development at all ages. By combining physical therapy, it’s something that gives us the edge. This is a huge passion of ours, and we are willing to go the extra mile for our customers to assure satisfaction,” DJ says.
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