Embrace The New Year!

by Terry Watson | January 10th, 2014
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

It’s 2014. The time has arrived to make new resolutions, promises and goals. For me it’s a time to realize new opportunities and continue upon a journey to achieve somethings that I fell short of in the previous years. With the new year also comes new challenges. We can’t continue to operate in the same manner and expect a different outcome. We must press toward our marks and embrace what lies ahead.

I have asked my self this question several times. What is the purpose in making new resolutions each year? Isn’t it the same as making promises to yourself. We promise to quit this, and promise to start that. However, somewhere along the line our focus changes and our resolutions become memories. This year, I’m going to post my promises and goals on my refrigerator door. I know for sure that I will eat everyday, and it will be impossible to miss my post while doing so. Really?

There are a lot of things that we can do to better ourselves in 2014. We can exercise more, manage our finances more carefully, and be kind to others. This year I hope to be a much better person than last, simply by promising not to worry about the mistakes I made and forgiving those who failed me.

In 2014, I hope to impact the lives of others by listening to their needs and making an honest effort to help. I have realized that you don’t need to possess a lot to make somebody else’s life better. All you have to do is show them that you genuinely care and that alone will make a huge difference.

Whatever promise you make for the new year, just remember that promises are often broken. Keep your intentions and motives pure, and everything else will work itself out.

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