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by Terry Watson | May 10th, 2012
Erica Motley

Erica Motley (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Her story began at the moment of acceptance. She knew her weight was an issue, and could possibly lead to other health problems. She wanted to lose weight but didn’t have a clear idea on how to do it. As fate would have it, in late 2009, she was invited to a Zumba fitness class by a friend. From that moment, Greensboro native Erica Motley knew she loved it. The more she attended the classes, the more she began to see her weight disappear. It appeared that she had developed an addiction to become physically fit.

After that experience, Motley says she wanted everyone to come with her to see how much fun Zumba was. With her chosen career in health care, she has always had a passion for helping others. “I’ve always loved helping people. If someone wanted to go walking, if they called me they knew I would be willing to come along,” she says. Before she knew it, she had many of her friends working out with her. One of them she says, expressed to her how much she had impacted their life by encouraging them and leading by example. She says her friend was exercising for the first time in years, and had started to lose and couldn’t get over how much fun she was having while doing so. This was confirmation for Motley.
“I liked the fact I was able to help someone just by going with them, so why not have my own class? I wanted everyone to know what Zumba had done for me,” says Motley. “I think Zumba is the perfect exercise for those that love to dance or want to start working out but just don’t want to be in the gym atmosphere.” After careful planning and prayer, she decided to start her own fitness class, EM’s Creative Fitness.

“I wanted to catch the attention of those who had a problem working out,” she says. “I have the solution for those that are not quite motivated or think they can’t”. Her motto is “INSIDE FIX-OUTSIDE PARTY”. Her explanation is, “When working out you start with the inside first”. “Every time you work out, exercise sets in motion of events in your body that collaborate to help you lose weight and get healthier. When you exercise—whether it’s Zumba, walking, biking or lifting weights, you are improving cholesterol and fat levels and reducing inflammation in the arteries. If you have heart disease, it helps to control blood pressure and releases stress”.

“I make 60 minutes of sweating go by so fast and before you know it, class is over,” says Motley. “I love to interact with my classes and I always pick music that they can really feel and get into”. Song requests are welcomed for cool downs and stretching at the end of class. She also states there isn’t a shortage of individuals wishing to participate in her class. “I dont have to go and get folks, when they walk in the door I already know why they are there and what they want,” she says. “We keep each other motivated by posting or emailing healthy recipes, before and after pictures, tips from each other, and workout sessions outside of Zumba”.

Whenever time allows she says she loves to workout, practice Zumba or call a friend and find a boot camp class. She says she sustains a relationship with God and continuously confers with Him about her dreams and goals. In the near future, she wants to have a fitness center that will be affordable for everyone and with a complete different type of vibe.

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