Erica Shaw

by Terry Watson | March 22nd, 2021
Erica Shaw

Erica Shaw

Who is Erica Shaw? Also known as Erica Simone, she describes herself as a free-spirited person who embraces life as it comes, but consistently pushes herself to reach the highest potentials that life has to offer. “I am a survivor, and a mother of four, and a bonus mom of three. I’m also a wife to my forever partner Albert,” she says.

Professionally, Erica serves her community of Chicago, IL as a Registered Medical Assistant, and has been for the last 19 years. She received her Esthetic education at Dudley’s Beauty College in Chicago, and graduated July of 2020. With her education, she has opened her very own business, Pristine Esthetics Inc, and Embodied by Pristine Esthetics.

Her journey has had a few ups and downs, and there have been a few challenges along the way. Erica shares, “I was a teen mother who endured abuse, neglect, and financial hardship. I struggled to get a four-year degree, and finally got it, nine years after I started. I got stuck working a job that I felt like I had to do in order to support my family. Through those experiences I also discovered my purpose, and now an Esthetician, I am working towards my Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science.”

Some of the services Erica offers include body sculpting, skin tightening, cellulite treatments, manual lymphatic massage for post-operative clients, and relaxing facials. “My goal is to provide an ultimate namaste experience, of relaxation, and restoration. I believe in healthy skin, body, and spirit, beauty from the inside out. I provide meditative facials, and Reiki. There are also makeup services, body sculpting services like Cavitation Lipo, Laser Lipo, Vacuum Therapy, and Sauna Detox Wraps. I also offer eyebrow waxing and tinting,” she says.

Although Erica may be a new Esthetician, she is adapted with the beauty industry. She has modeled for companies like Luster Products as a child and did freelance modeling for six years as an adult. She has been a self-taught freelance makeup artist of ten years.

Erica is gentle and cognizant of the problematic areas that she addresses. She focuses on the metaphysical belief system that whatsoever we manifest, whether it’s healing, having the body of our dreams, or abundance. She believes that it’s possible.

While being a business owner, Erica has a genuine love for serving and helping others. “I love that I offer common services with my own gifts added to them. Anyone can go to school and perform facials, but it takes a higher vibration to have the experiences I offer. It’s my goal for all of my clients to leave relaxed, confident, and enlightened after each service,” she says.

For Erica, her family comes first. “My children have impacted my life in ways that couldn’t have ever imagined. They challenge me to be and do better every day. My life partner Albert has taught me so much about life and my place in it,” she says.

She is also inspired by four successful black women. She says they are where she aspires to be. “They offer the best business advice, mother advice, and relationship advice. I am truly blessed to have them in my life,” she says.

Erica says if she could change anything about her journey, she would have pursued her dreams sooner. “I find so much gratification in what I do that I often wonder where I would be if I had done it in my 20’s,” she says. “When it’s all said and done, I want my legacy to say that I was a black woman and also one of the most spiritual influencers this world has ever seen.”

Her advice to anyone who may be thinking about entrepreneurship or starting a business is determine what your purpose in life is, and tie it to your gifts, so that you can build wealth. “Write your vision and speak it daily,” she says.

Moving forward, Erica plans to continue to motivate and help others on their spiritual path. She also hopes to open a facility where all Metaphysical practices can be shared.

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