Ericka McKnight

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Ericka McKnight (Photos by Todd Younblood)

Ericka McKnight (Photos by Todd Younblood)

Ericka McKnight of Charlotte, NC is someone who looks for the good in everyone. Her vibrant smile is an honest greeting and pathway into her kind soul. She is the kind of person who will be the first to give and the last to ask for anything in return. She is a mother, an offering of love for those who need it, a fighter, and friend to the friendless. She is also a protector for the unprotected, and voice for the voiceless.

Having such qualities and attributes have helped Ericka to succeed in life. She is a pioneer and history maker for being the first and youngest African American female to own a real estate school, ELM School of Real Estate. “It is an innovative facility designed to educate, empower and engage aspiring or current business leaders in their perspective industries. Our core focus is real estate agents and entrepreneurs,” she says.

Ericka spent 11 years working onsite for builders as a new home sales counselor and then as a roving agent. Throughout her journey as a new home sales counselor she built up an alliance of realtors who were eager to learn more about the new home sales process. She began traveling all over the Carolina’s educating realtors and builders on the new home sales process, bridging the gap between builders, realtors, and the buyer. Her efforts showed them how to increase their wealth in new home sales. Upon realizing the demand for her message from her peers, she decided to take a great leap of faith and follow her dream.

One of the best decisions Ericka made in her life was obtaining real estate license. Her mission was, and still is to sell a home to all people no, matter what. She often refers to her “diamond in a rough philosophy” when reflecting on her career. “I remember selling a single mom employed at Wal-Mart her first home. So many real estate agents turned her away because their commission check was too small. Until this day, this young lady has referred over 20 plus home buying clients to me. What others throw away, I pick up and make it work,” she says.

Today, while leading ELM, she is also involved with writing a training manual for a fortune 500 company and working on a playwright production for the books she has written “Silence The Noise – Uninstalling Negativity”. She has also found the time to expand the school and real estate firm.

There are many benefits that come with being your own boss. Having the flexibility to travel and write your own paycheck are just a few of the ones Ericka enjoys. “I am very fortunate to be in a position to change and impact the lives of others daily,” she says. Along with the rewards, come a few challenges. “Being a successful woman, and young African American, there were many times when I was told I couldn’t do it. That only fueled my fire and gave me an opportunity to shine and prove the naysayers wrong!”

Her success has also made possible by an awesome support system which is God, family, and friends. “When others said was impossible, God made possible. He placed me in the palm of his hands, a place where no man can pick me out from. My family and friends have been ready at a moment’s notice to assist with anything I need,” she says.

Moving forward, Ericka plans to remain focused on the purpose, path and plan God has for her life. To learn more about the ELM School of Real Estate, please contact Ericka.

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