Erika Hendrix and Betina Moffitt

Yasmine Regester | November 15th, 2019
Erika Hendrix and Betina Moffitt (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Erika Hendrix and Betina Moffitt (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

One year ago, Dr. Erika Hendrix and Pastor Betina Moffitt stepped out on faith and started their own gospel inspired radio show and they say it has been one of the most rewarding decisions they have made.

In October 2018, the ladies made history when they launched The Xperience Live with host Dr. Erika Hendrix and Co-Host Pastor Betina Moffitt, a faith-based radio show focusing on everyday topics, and were the first show, not to mention the first female-led show, to broadcast on the 107.9 FM radio station. Now, in 2019, the hosts of The Experience Live are more excited than ever for what’s to come.

“I’m excited about this one year anniversary. It’s made me feel more confident in what God has called us to do. Knowing that we could be in this thing for a year and people are listening and following and asking us to come speak at their church. We’re right where God has led us to be,” says Pastor Moffitt.

This year’s anniversary celebration theme is “Reclaiming the Voice of the Black Church,” which Dr. Hendrix explains means sharing the word in a new and informative way that reaches beyond the four walls of the church, combined with some of the more traditional values and initiatives of the church.

“The world changes every four years. The church only changes every 20 years. So by the time we get ready to introduce something new we’re already behind. We have to be intentional about adapting to a changing world,” says Hendrix. “We are agents of change. Change is going to come whether we want it or not, but we have to embrace it.”

Advances in technology and social media have allowed people to connect globally, which is how The Experience Live model is designed to present the spiritual word to people. “Our model was created to meet folks in the community, where they’re at, and focus on a more holistic approach to meet the needs people from all backgrounds, age groups, and walks of life. It was designed bringing a deeper understanding from an educational standpoint, while teaching practical life application,” says Dr. Hendrix.

Broadcasted live on the radio and Facebook Live simultaneously, each month focuses on a different issue. Topics range from marriage, divorce, and learning how to co-parent, to financial and mental health in the Black community. They also like to discuss current events in a way that brings awareness and provides a connection to scripture.

They both believe that the main key is the transparency of their individual selves. A professor of Theology and a published author, Dr. Hendrix shares that her journey back to the church took a year after 20 years at a mega-church, therefore she understands everyone has their own path to take.

“People can relate when you can be transparent and talk about yourself. We believe in doing that we can draw a lot more people,” she says. “Not everyone is called to be a pulpit preacher. Your ministry may not be within those four walls of the church,” says Dr. Hendrix. “What God gives every individual is unique to them. My story is, what I share is either what I’ve lived through or currently living in. That’s what makes it relevant.”

Dr. Hendrix notes that she wrestled with the idea of going to radio for years, but it was after a conversation with her friend of more than 20 years, Pastor Moffitt, that really solidified the decision. Their first live discussion was “Finish What You Started,” which was intended to encourage people to finish 2018 strong and push forward to the New Year, yet it became a message both the ladies took to heart. And one year later, they are still going strong.

For November and December 2019, the topic is a focus on your vision for yourself in 2020. “In the church, we focus on the vision for the whole church moving forward, but we don’t spend enough time directing people to prepare their vision for their own lives,” says Dr. Hendrix.

For The Experience Live, 2020 is about moving beyond the walls of the church. They have plans to increase the monthly episodes and expand the topics into other aspects of life. They also want to introduce money management classes and bring in guest speakers with a variety of expertise.

“We like to start a conversation that people might not necessarily know how to start or put things on their mind they may not be thinking about,” says Pastor Moffitt. The dynamic hosts of The Experience Live also describe their show as a progressive platform for women in ministry. Outside of the church and the radio show, Pastor Moffitt developed her own ministry called “Sisterhood” after going through a divorce eight years ago. “As the Lord began to heal me, I realized I wasn’t the only woman going through a divorce. A lot of times, when you are in the midst of our struggle, you believe that it’s just you,” she says. “The more you seek God, the more you realize your assignment. This is what God has called me to do,” says Pastor Moffitt.

“Sisterhood” was designed to bring women together in a safe place of holistic healing and to build relationships with one another. Pastor Moffitt says the Sisterhood ministry also helped her realize how her testimony could be relatable to others. She shares that it is as powerful for a young woman to see a Black woman standing in the pulpit, as it is for a young girl to see a Black women on the cover of a magazine.

“Dr. Hendrix eludes “in this day and time I believe we are working to redefine the voice of the Black church because for so long it has been predominately Black males speaking from the pulpit. We are two women who love our community and the Lord has given us the opportunity to provide a voice for women who are teachers of the word,” she says.

Pastor Moffitt serves as the Pastor of Overcoming Deliverance Center under the Leadership of her Father Bishop Charlie Watson. Currently, Dr. Hendrix serves as Executive Pastor under the Pastoral Leadership of Pastor Moffitt and Bishop Watson. Dr. Hendrix currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at Hosanna Bible College. Pastor Moffitt is currently pursing her Bachelors of Theology under the Leadership of Dr. Hendrix. Pastor Moffitt serves as Dr. Hendrix pastors and Dr. Hendrix serves as her teacher which makes for a unique team.

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