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by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2018
Essentially Aysha (Photos by Aysha Ives)

Essentially Aysha (Photos by Aysha Ives)

Aysha Ives is multifaceted. Externally, Aysha is a woman who is often somewhere between being an entrepreneur and taking care of her family, two roles of which she loves tremendously. Then there’s the internal Aysha; the rainbow haired woman who is often found somewhere in the metaphysical world. Either way, she has found herself deeply involved with her business, Essentially Aysha, LLC.

After being in business for several years as a coach, author, and publisher, the Richmond, VA resident decided to launch her very own business. As the mother of a high achieving athlete, she has seen how grueling athletics can be on the body of young athletes. She watched tournaments after tournament and cringe at the impact that competitive sports bring. So, rather than just watch (and cringe) from afar, Aysha began seeking solutions that would ward off some of these negative consequences and concluded with Essentially Aysha, LLC.

Aysha was determined to find high quality, effective products that would meet the specific needs of her highly athletic son. She came across some products that worked but she had concerns with putting certain kind of chemicals into his body. It helped to ease his pain and discomfort but at what expense. She was focused on nutrition and recovery and trying to prevent dumping some potentially harmful into his bloodstream. Aysha knew there had to be something better. “I kept looking for something better and my search eventually brought me to the world of essential oils, and I haven’t turned back ever since,” she says. After being introduced to essential oils and seeing first hand, the incredible benefits they provide, it began to dawn on Aysha the oils would benefit more than just her son and her family. It became her mission to share the resources with other athletic families. Essentially Aysha, LLC was born.

Essentially Aysha, LLC offers essential oil blends that are formulated to meet the specific needs of high achieving athletes in the competitive youth sports sector. They currently have two products on the market and another that has just finished the product testing phase. “Our Athlete’s Balm is designed to soothe sore muscles and joints after intense workouts, games, and tournaments. Young players are constantly pushing their limits in the competitive sports world and our Balm helps to soothe and cool those overworked muscles,” she says.

The Soothe blend is designed to help ease head tension. When it’s time to play, the last thing a player needs is a headache or migraine. Soothe contains six crucial essential oils known for helping to relieve head and neck tension and discomfort. The other product, Relieve, is made up of a blend of essential oils that are known to ease the discomfort of seasonal allergies. This is especially helpful during the Spring and Fall sports seasons when allergens are at their worst. It’s designed to help players go harder than their allergies so they can have their best season yet. “Our products are all natural and our roller bottles offer quick, on-the-go access,” she says.

“I love that I can bring awareness about the efficacy of essential oils to the sports world. It’s competitive and there are bumps, bruises, and soreness that come with the grind. Knowing that I have the tools to help young athletes, blows my mind. The oils are great individually, but they are blended together based upon their individual therapeutic qualities, the potency is unparalleled. Being able to offer these blends to sports families, that’s what is most important to me when it comes to my business. Contact Aysha Ives to learn more about Essentially Aysha and her products.

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