ESTEEM, A Total Transformation

by Terry Watson | July 11th, 2013
 Donna Graves Nealy (Photo by Donna Graves Nealy)

Donna Graves Nealy (Photo by Donna Graves Nealy)

She is a wife, mother of four adult children and grandmother of six (with one on the way). She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Sport Studies both from High Point University. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Human Services, specializing in Social and Community Services from Capella University. Besides all of her accomplishments and achievements, Donna Graves Nealy is more determined to be fit―both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Nealy has obtained Certification in Fitness training from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Certification in Nutrition Consultation, Certification in PraiseMoves (the Christian Alternative to Yoga), Certificate in Eating God’s Way, and she’s also a licensed minister and the Director of the Forever Young Health Ministry at Benaja Mt. Zion Holiness Church of God, Inc.. Additionally, she carries a CPR and AED certification.

Nealy has been training since 2006, and has been a certified fitness instructor since 2009. ESTEEM is a non-profit wellness program, whose focus is to work with the physical, but also the mental and spiritual. Nealy also takes the holistic route in changing lifestyles. “Understanding nutrition, knowledge about natural supplements and meditation are all taught by ESTEEM,” she says.

Many of her services are geared towards women, men and families but the main target population is women. Her rates vary depending upon the specific needs and desires, but are extremely affordable and below the market average. Nealy says she wants everyone that needs assistance to have the opportunity to acquire experienced, knowledgeable help without taxing the finances of the individual. “We are not all about weight loss. Our main concern is having a healthy lifestyle and with that comes weight loss.

ESTEEM offers a 90 day wellness-intervention program which offers a lifestyle change coach for 90 days or 12 weeks. The coach monitors your eating, teaches you on nutrition, helps you understand the connection between the spiritual, mental and physical. It also helps you eliminate the need for prescription medications, and/or preventive measures or reverse medical issues. Nealy has seen great success with this particilar program backed by several testimonials from women, men and couples who have gone through the program and succeeded with their doctors eleminating thier treatments for cholestrol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. “Others have reported the alleviation of lower back issues along with having knee issues reversed and the list goes on,” she says.

ESTEEM promotes a line of natural supplements called Healthyfix. It supports hair, joints, appetite suppresents, cholesterol, energy and more. ESTEEM also promotes Jinsaessentials, Essanteorganics and several products in the “myitworks” line. “I am very careful about the supplements or products we promote because there are so many hidden unnatural ingredients in the products. We really try to keep everything natural and holistic,” says Nealy. Additionally, she offers personal training, group exercise, couples exercise, nutrition classes, and annual wellness programs for churches, and PraiseMoves classes, which is the Christian alternative to Yoga. The difference is the moves. Some are the same, but many postures in PraiseMoves are not included with the Yoga regimen, and the names have been changed to reference biblical scriptures. PraiseMoves allows a person to meditate on the word of God and work and stretch the muscles all at the same time. Currently, Nealy is the only Certified PraiseMoves instructor in North Carolina and she hopes to promote it more dilegently in the future.

Nealy says she loves servicing those that need help. “The ability to have a part in lives being changed for the better is absolutely awesome. I love
seeing lives, bodies, eating habits and medical conditions transformed right before my eyes,” Nealy says. “I find inspiration in knowing that this is the path God placed me on and I have the ability to move forward in the call. This is a ministry first and business second,” she says.

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