Evonne Hardee

Arielle Kilgore | May 21st, 2021
Evonne Hardee

Evonne Hardee

Being all-natural has not proven to be a trend, but a way of life for most people. Evonne Hardee and her business SoapSation Bathtique in New York caters to having everything natural so your skin can be the best of the best.

A native of Yonkers, Evonne started her business on faith and determination. Today, it continues to operate on the very same foundation. SoapSation Bathtique is an all-natural body store that specializes in making organic products for the skin. Hardee also makes gift baskets full of bath bombs and goodie bags for catered events like baby showers or birthday parties. Her best seller includes a honey oat milk soap that helps with dry skin or individuals who have eczema. Other products include body oils, cupcake soaps, and facial soaps. Everything is made by hand herself and is specialized to the customer’s needs and wants.

“I do everything myself. It’s my therapy. It’s my happy place. I can make soap in my sleep. It’s just second nature to me at this point,” she shares.

Evonne started her business by giving out soap and other products to her family and friends. Her party favors turned into a business in 2016. “At some point, I decided to let me stop what I’m doing and revamp what I’m doing so I can really turn it into a business,” Evonne explains. Likewise, the same year Hardee became homeless. Her determination for creating products and passion for making more effective skin care drove her to keep going.

“It was a struggle, but I kept it going. And I overcame anything that was in the road to stop me,” she says. From then on, the number of batches she produced turned from once a week, into six batches a week for her growing, hungry customers.

Having something real is important to Hardee. She was always a nature girl and experimental when she was young growing her passion for chemistry and the science behind beautiful skin from Earth’s properties. Research, time, and passion have driven her business and provide her with sustainability. Hardee explains that YouTube and other quick sources are not the keys to a growing business. Dedication and persistence plus engaging with your clients can determine how successful you are going to be. The hobby she formed brought her peace and fortunately helped many people feel amazing about their skin.

Although Covid-19 proved to be a challenging year for smaller businesses, SoapSation Bathtique rose to the top. Her secret? Covid provided a better connection between Hardee and her clients. It allowed her to focus on the specific needs of her customers with skin problems and show peo

ple the light of using things from mother nature to heal your skin.

“Everything that you need for your skin is actually here on Earth. Like it’s in your garden. It’s everywhere. There are so many natural oils plants, stuff that you can use to moisturize and cleanse and take better care of your skin,” Evonne says.

Most of the products on the shelves have emollients and chemicals that can erode your skin or make skin issues worse, specifically in African American communities. These chemicals can cause irritation to the skin and increase the problems that we already have. Representation matters in the black community. It is the ability to have options and those options be safe and effective.
As an African American woman, it was important for Evonne have a business that her community could trust and also see progress. Black communities, especially in starting or growing businesses, experience culticutlure, the annihilation of businesses that carry the same product. The idea of culticutlure can spread doubt and fear of multiple successful black businesses. However, Hardee stands by keeping your dream alive so other people like us can have options and obtain a better lifestyle.

“We need something to help sustain us. To sustain our natural beauty,” she says. It does not matter where you start, she explains the necessity to keep going through hard times. “And you have to understand that there will be hard times, but if you’re passionate enough about it, you’ll overcome those hard times. There’s nothing that we can’t do!”

Evonne continues to grow her business with pop-up events starting in New Jersey in June of this year. Providing consistent and quality customer service remains to be one of her highest priorities. You can learn more about Evonne and many of the wonderful products she creates by visiting her website.

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