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by Terry Watson | November 4th, 2010
Vonyell Grey - Exclusively Your Design

Vonyell Grey (Photo by Brad McKenzie)

The face behind Exclusively Your Design, a premier source for total event and special occasion designs is Varnell Gray. Founded in 2007, EYD specializes in floral creations and wedding décor. In addition, Gray focuses on the art of customizing events from vision to fruition and designing a very personal and unique occasion that will reflect his clients’ style and taste.

Five years ago, Gray was a typical employee of one the largest banks in Charlotte, N.C. As the craving of entrepreneurship pulled at the strings of his mind, he gave in and decided to chase his dreams. He describes himself as daring and creative, but most importantly a man of integrity. A native of Chester, S.C., he is well known for having an eye for detail. Confessing that he is a man after God’s heart, he says that he is determined to accomplish all that God has planned for his life.

Exclusively Your Design is just that. The vision of Gray’s clients are realized through the utilization of his gift. His staff of design consultant’s sole purpose is to patiently listen and create unique and exceptional experiences that will always be memorable.
“We will create anything unique from intimate to extravagant blooms, props and draping,” Gray says. “I am always considerate to incorporate fine linen and table-scapes, along with the valued effects of romantic and dramatic lighting.” He says these services are available for corporate or small business events, personal milestone celebrations such as first birthdays, sweet 16’s, or graduation parties. In addition, he services baby showers, bridal parties, rehearsal dinners and bridal party brunches.

With any event produced by Exclusively Your Design, a floral team of experienced design consultants will assist you with selecting and sculpting the perfect floral tapestry for a majestic day. “We design classic and sophisticated center pieces for your corporate or small business event ranging from the striking to the out-of-the ordinary and accommodate the sizeable to modest indoor or outdoor venues,” says Gray.

Exclusively Your Design has serviced clients from as far as Baltimore, Md. to Atlanta, Ga. As word has spread about his business, Gray says he routinely travels throughout North Carolina. His flexibility allows him to work with all budgets and design a very personal and unique occasion. ‘Our creativity can sometime exceed the expectation that our clients have for themselves,” Gray admits.

Keeping up with cutting edge trends in his industry allows Gray to consistently provide clients with the best possible service. The company explores and pursues all aspects of an event and gives it everything and more to deliver quality service. The focus is to commit to what the client wants, build lasting relationships, take the clients vision and values and give it life, and serve each client with integrity and purpose.

In addition to being inspired by his parents, Gray says he was influenced by a former employer who required him to decorate and coordinate various meetings, conferences, banquets from beginning to end. Eventually, he says he would like to open a one stop elegant venue for all occasions that would include a breathtaking spot to host unforgettable weddings or receptions.

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