Failure….The Seeds To Success

Demetra Moore | July 14th, 2017
Demetra Moore

Demetra Moore

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes has a few sideways thrown in too. When things go wrong or don’t go as planned, it throws us off balance and we doubt ourselves. After all, who likes feeling like a failure? Life throws challenges, and we can’t control everything, nor should we try. It is not what happens to you but how you respond that makes the difference. There are three steps we can take to move forward:

Focus on Your Strengths
We’re a bunch of contradictions. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad; sometimes hopeful, sometimes pessimistic. We also have loads of strengths and weaknesses that affect what we do and how we do it, but we tend to focus more on our weaknesses.
Emphasizing what you do well rather than what you’re not so good at makes a lot of sense. Who wants to feel bad about themselves? Start focusing on your strengths and you’re guaranteed to get positive results while eliminating negative effects of your weaknesses.

Set Things Up Ahead Of Time
Sure, there will be times when you can just head into something, do brilliantly and get the result you were hoping for, but other times you might blunder forwards, wing it and not get the result you wanted. Whatever challenges or opportunities you are facing you will stand a chance of getting the result you desire if you set things up to succeed ahead of time.

So what exactly do you want to happen? What solution, outcome or result would be great? Get a clear vision of the outcome you want from what’s facing you and how it would feel to get that result . . Then start breaking it down, think about what you can do to set up things so that you achieve your desired outcome. What needs to be put in place? And to ensure the best outcome, what are you willing to do?

No Such Thing as Losing
What’s life all about, really? Getting a good job, getting married, feeling valued, having fun? It has a specific meaning to everyone, but I believe we all want to do our best and be the best for ourselves and those we care about. It can be a struggle sometimes, but our capacity to learn, develop and grow is constant.
Everything you do takes you one step forward. As Thomas Edison said while he was on his 207th prototype for the electric light bulb – ‘I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.’ Everything you do that doesn’t work out is another step forward, because you know one more way not to do something. All things have a process. You’ll never get to 100% without going from 1% to 99% first.
In all that you do, whether it turns out how you wanted it to or not, there’s the capacity for learning. For more information on moving through the steps email

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