Faith Cuts Barbershop & Faith Hair Salon

by Terry Watson | October 23rd, 2012

Carlos Russell, Sheila Jenkins and staff (Photo by Perfect Lenz)

Carlos Russell and Sheila Jenkins had been mutual friends for many years before joining forces as business owners. Russell, the owner of Faith Cuts Barbershop and Jenkins, the owner of Faith Beauty Salon have compiled a talented team of professional stylist all under one roof. Jenkins compassion to help people echoes her ability to bring out the best in her team. Pair this with Russells professionalism and attention to detail, and the result justifies their rank as two of the best shops in Greensboro.

Faith Cuts Barbershop and Faith Beauty Salon opened their doors in 2007. Russell says he envisioned a place where professional stylists could showcase their talents in a warm and inviting environment, where the presence of God exists. The barbershop is outfitted with six barbers. Faith Beauty Salon is decorated with four stylist. Collectively, they bring more than 40 years of experience and service to their industry. What makes the Faith family successful? Nothing but what they have relied upon since opening their doors.
The styling team is as talented as they are diverse. Stacy Long loves to style hair. She is a native of Danville, VA and has been a professional stylist for 19 years. She attended and obtained her license from Artistic Beauty College in Danville. Since doing so, Long has seen many changes take place in her chosen profession. However she has remained consistent with providing her clientele with the highest level of service possible. She says that the role of a professional hair stylist involves more than curls and flat irons. “We help boost individuals self esteem. I love to see their reactions when I a finished with their transformation,” she says. Some of the services Long provides include healthy hair management, relaxed hair, cuts and sets, eyebrow waxing and individual lashes. She credits her mother with being a major influence in her decision to be a professional stylist. “She reminded me how I’d always had the ability to do hair even when I was a young girl. I really didn’t have a choice because I didn’t want her doing my hair,” says Long.

Donminick Nichols has been a professional barber for six years. He is passionate about whatever he does, and strives to do everything to the best of his ability. A native of Greensboro, his favorite style is the Taper Cut. He describes himself as someone who works hard, but also loves doing it. He is always at the shop, when the doors open, and until they close. In his opinion, a barber is a artist as well. His canvas is his clients hair. By entrusting Nichols, he has grown into one the better barbers in Greensboro. He says he pursued a career as a barber because of the independence it offers and creativity involved. He also says to achieve success a barber, it requires discipline. “Barbering allows me to set my own schedule. I have realized that growth in this business is limitless and totally up to me,” he says. When Nichols is not cutting hair, he can be found playing his guitar.
Debra “Peaches” Davis has been a professional stylist for over 23 years. She attend Leons Beauty School in Greensboro and has studied independently to prefect her craft. Davis says she’s had the opportunity to be a part of a Greensboro cosmetology association which gave her a platform for television hair and fashions shows. She currently does platform work for Carol’s Daughter Products at Macy’s (Friendly Center) in Greensboro and had the opportunity to work in New York and Atlanta GA. Davis specializes in hair weaving and is capable of introducing a wide variety of techniques — depending upon the need of the client. “I take great pride in my work, allowing the weaving to look natural flowing and beautiful,” says Davis. “I love my profession as a stylist because it gives me the opportunity to express myself creatively and enables me to meet a wide range of people making them feel beautiful inside and out.” Some of the services she provides are gorgeous roller sets, lock styles, natural hair, pressing, relaxers, designer haircuts, curls, body waxing and make up. Her love of hair inspires her to give each and every client her best work.

Pam Harvin is best described as someone with experience. She comes from a long line of successful entrepreneurial women. She has been styling hair professionally for 23 years. She attended and received her license to style hair at La Jeans Beauty and Etiquette College in Jacksonville, NC. She has been a salon owner, a platform artist, seen her work published in several hair magazines, and has produced hair shows. Yet, Harvin says she gets the most gratification from seeing the transformation of her clients once they leave her chair. Her life and career has been impacted the most by her mother, Georgia Williams. “She always taught me to be strong, and to believe that I can do anything that I put my mind to,” she says. Harvin is very active in her community and church and volunteers her styling services to nursing homes, self esteem programs for young girls, and the annual Back To School Beautification Day with Influance Hair Care. Some of the services she provides in natural hair care, make up artistry, facials, relaxers, permanent weaves, cutting, curling, and more.

Sheila Jenkins is the owner of Faith Beauty Salon. Just like other business owners, she has faced several challenges and hurdles. When she first opened, if anything could go wrong, Jenkins says it did. New equipment was delivered broken. There were electrical issues and she had trouble finding other stylist that would fit the plan she had for Faith Hair Salon. During those times, Jenkins says her mother was the reinforcement that helped her to carry on. “She believed that I would succeed. When I wanted to throw in the towel, she told me to continue. She says she loves to perform a service that gives a person confidence. Her gift as a stylist has impacted so many lives. Her sincere compassion to help others is only a testament for her life and faith in God. Jenkins graduated from James B. Dudley High School in Greensboro and received her professional license to style hair from Carolina Beauty College. She encourages anyone who has may follow in her footsteps to never give up. “If it is in your heart, then you should go for it!”

Carlos Russell has been a professional barber for 16 years. After graduating from Southern Guilford high school in Greensboro he attended Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro. After leaving there, he attended Triad Barber School in Winston Salem and obtained his professional license in 1996. As the owner of Faith Cuts Barbershop, he opened the doors of his business on the 5th day of July in 2007. Russell says he decided to open a shop because he always had a desire to be a business owner. “I wanted to give other barbers the same opportunity I had. That was to work in a shop and lead others down a path of ownership,” he says. The first barbershop Russell worked at was United Barbershop under the leadership of Anthony Pettiford. “That experience taught me about the business and the dedication required to be successful,” he says. Seeing the before and after appearances of clients once they leave Faith Cuts is what Russell says makes his profession enjoyable. Each year, Russell and the rest of his staff volunteer their services by providing free hair cuts during a back to school drive geared by Influance Hair Care. Some of the products and services Russell provides are shampooing, conditioning, moisture lock, fades, tapers, Mohawks, and more. Appointments are available and encouraged, however walk-ins are offered whenever the opportunity allows.

Joyce Williams has been a professional barber whose signature is the inverted square neckline. Licensed for 12 years, her other specialties include hair moisturizing tips and skin tips. The instant gratification of her clients is what Williams says she loves most about her profession. She chose this career because of the added benefit of serving others. She describes herself as someone who is a servant by nature. That characteristic has also carried over into the barbershop for Williams. “Many careers don’t allow you to see the fruit of your labor immediately, but barbering does. I simply enjoy being a blessing to others, particularly young people. I adore rendering service to the living, the deceased, the healthy and the ill” she says. Some of the services William offers are facials, shaves, the most popular line of cuts, and more. She says she aspires to be a barbering Instructor one day. “Having taught in the public sector for over 20 years, I welcome the opportunity to combine my teaching practices with barbering.

Georgina Warren has been a professional barber for 14 years. She attended and received her professional license from Winston Salem Barber School. She has always has a interest in hair styling but says it dwindled at some point in her past. She is committed to providing her clients with the best possible service. A devout woman of God, Warren says God allowed it to reside in heart once more and since doing so she has been allowed to meet so many wonderful people who have made a huge difference in her life. She says God is her inspiration. “He doesn’t see me the way people does. He looks beyond my faults, doesn’t ignore them but corrects me,” she says. Warren is also inspired by her husband, David Warren II. She describes him as a minister who also loves God. “Between God and my husband, I have the two best men in heaven and on earth,” says Warren.
Faith Cuts Barbershop & Faith Hair Salon

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