Faith is My Friend

by Terry Watson | March 13th, 2013

Terry Watson – Editor

When I want to be alone with God, I pray. Doing so privileges me to personal and intimate moments, while encouraging me to express my most sincere feelings and emotions. It is during these times that I seek revelation, healing, restoration, and guidance. I also utilize the opportunity to thank God for saving me from dangers, both seen and unseen and for caring enough to grant me yet another chance to get things right.

It would be very foolish of me to take credit for everything ‘good’ that has happened to me. Equally, I wouldn’t make much sense to bash God for allowing the bad. For they both have played significant roles in shaping and molding me into who I am. My trials and storms have produced character and made me really appreciate the good times. This has only happened because I have chosen to love God and developed a faith in Him that I call my friend.

I was told as a young child that I would amount to much. My future was a predetermined tragedy and that I shouldn’t spend much time planning for it. Those words damaged me and for quite a while I didn’t dream or strive. Instead I settled and conformed to my surroundings. However, one day I realized that God had spoken life into my tragedies well before I knew anything about myself. He showed me that He does listen when I call. During my most difficult moments, victory is still mine. Even when it seems like there is no way for me, God has turned things around, moved obstacles out of my path, and knocked down walls just so that I can fulfill His purpose for my life.

To be quite honest I have questioned God and asked why me. Yet at the same time I ask myself why not me. I accepted God and allowed Him into my heart and since doing so things aren’t like they once were. I don’t worry about tomorrow because I have faith in God that I call my friend.

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