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Demetra Moore | November 17th, 2015
Demetra More

Demetra More

I’m sure you, like me, are bombarded with emails, conversations and thoughts about goal setting, as the year closes. If I had a nickel for each email I’ve received that talked about goal setting for the beginning of the year, I’d be a rich woman!

Here’s what I learned: the reason so many people fail to achieve their goals is they focus too much on the process of achieving those goals, rather than their “why” for the goal itself. For example, the #1 goal set each Jan. 1st is to lose weight. So many people set this goal each year, yet they never realize their goal. Why? Because they focus on the process of achieving that goal, rather than why they have the goal in the first place.

The process of losing weight is not all that glamorous. You have to change your routines, get moving, be consistent, and be patient as you work through the process. If you decide you are going to walk briskly for 30 minutes each weekday, what happens the first day it rains? If you are focusing on the process, your thoughts will likely sound something like, “No, I’d really rather not get soaking wet today, thank you very much.” But if you are focused on your goal of having more energy and being able to keep up with your kids or grandkids, then you’ll likely be thinking, “Ok, where can I take my walk that I won’t risk pneumonia in the process?”

  • Monitoring how you talk about the goal.
  • Concentrating on the positives of your “why”, not the negatives of the process.
  • Joining a coaching group to become more accountable

I have resolved to only write down goals for which I have a strong “why”. I encourage you to do the same. Forget what everyone else’s goals are. Forget what everyone else says you should be able to accomplish. Ask yourself what do YOU want, and why? When you figure that out, it will make life easier. Keep those “whys” in clear view. Then close the year looking forward to what 2016 has in store.

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