Fit 2 Function by Nathan Irvin

by Terry Watson | August 28th, 2017
Nathan Irvin (Photos by Perfect Lenz Photography)

Nathan Irvin (Photos by Perfect Lenz Photography)

His method is simple. One can’t function if they’re not physically fit. Nathan Irvin is the face and force of Fit 2 Function, a health and fitness company dedicated to changing lives by assisting their clients with obtaining goals, and also with educational tools on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His services are geared towards anyone who desires to make a positive change in their health whether it be for weight loss, sports, or overall well-being.

Fit 2 Function began two years ago when Irvin decided to go to graduate school for Physical Therapy. His passion for sports drove him to pursue a career in Sports Medicine, which led him to the field of Physical Therapy. He graduated from Greensboro College in 2012 with a degree in Kinesiology and worked for Breakthrough Physical Therapy for seven years. Still there was something greater that Irvin felt he could be doing with his life, and so he decided to further his education.

At the time, it seemed a like a smart thing to do, especially for a college student. “A few months before I planned to apply for school, I realized that there were some unanswered within the fitness industry,” he says. “Even with an abundance of knowledge available about how and why we should live healthier lives, health-related problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are still on the rise. I felt I needed to use my knowledge to benefit my community so I put school aside and focused on how to help people stay committed to being physically fit and a healthy lifestyle.”

Fit 2 Function offers several services to assist a wide range of groups and individuals. For those looking to lose weight, get fit or prepare for competition, Irvin offers fitness training. This includes a variety of exercises focused on strength building which will enable them to perform activities which burn calories and help reduce weight.

For those who have suffered an injury or live with a disability which prevents them from being able to function normally, he provides Functional Training. This service involves implementing specific exercises that address physical weakness and working to regain strength and endurance to make everyday functions easier.

Performance training/coaching is offered for athletes who want to get stronger, faster, or improve their performance in their respective sport. Specific exercises and drills help improve reaction time, ability, and overall strength. Fit KICK Taekwondo and martial arts training is available as well.

With the help of his wife Alicia, Fit 2 Function has grown expenotionally. She is an entrepreneur and owns a childcare business, Little Dreamers…BIG Dreams. “Her experience helps her to understand the importance of networking, advertising, and constantly building a brand,” he says. “I may be the owner and the face of Fit 2 Function, but Alicia puts in as much work (if not more) as I do behind the scenes when it comes to making this a successful business. Most of all, she pushes me to be better and to dream bigger than I have before.”

This coming fall, Irvin will be hosting his inaugural weight loss and fitness competition, R.E.V.I.V.A.L. of the Fittest. It is a team competition where teams of five will compete in a variety of different fitness challenges. D epending on how much weight someone loses in the eight weeks preceding the competition, each team can earn a distinctive advantage to help them win the $1000 cash prize.

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