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Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | May 15th, 2019
Jessica Jordan (Photos by Donald Wilson)

Jessica Jordan (Photos by Donald Wilson)

As a child, Jessica Jordan watched family members bake cakes, pies, and other sweets. It was her mother, LaFondra Jordan who baked so much that there was a different dessert on the kitchen counter at least once a week. She loved sniffing the sweet smells and seeing her mom bounce around happy and content during the process.

“One year, in middle school, I decided to bake my mother a cake for Mother’s Day. Even though I loved doing it and the cake was really good, for some reason, I didn’t keep it up,” says Jessica. Fast forward 20 years; she dusted off an old family recipe and baked a cake for a holiday event. A friend sampled it and wanted to purchase it. The reaction shouldn’t have surprised her, considering a love for food runs in her family. In addition to her mother, her father also bakes, and two great aunts had a restaurant and owns a catering business, respectively.

On March 18, 2019, Jessica realized she was on to something. She launched ‘Fon’s Sweets’, named after her mother, who succumbed to breast cancer a few years prior. It was fitting that she opened on the anniversary of her passing.

Using recipes passed down from the beloved matriarch of the Jordan family, Jessica was confident that her desserts would be well-received. “After my mom passed, I had been looking for a way to honor her and thought ‘This is perfect!’” To Jessica, it just felt right. It was something she knew she had to do.

The majority of Jessica’s orders are custom, for birthday parties, special events, or holidays. She’s creating her first wedding cake this summer. Moreover, she has designed the ‘naked’ cakes, which are layered and have less icing. Maybe those that are health conscious would prefer this new approach. Fon’s Sweets also features the ‘cake-in-a-jar’ which includes flavors like strawberry, lemon pound cake, and red velvet pound cake, Jessica’s fan base continues to grow. “I’ve just been blessed the entire time. When I tell people my story, they just want to help. Some may not even buy a cake, but they donate,’ says Jessica.

Jessica recently had the pleasure of partnering with her younger brother, Dexter Jordan, a recording artist, on creating desserts for his album release party. “Having a strong foundation is just as good as having a good product. And I’m blessed to have people around me that are knowledgeable and supportive,” says Jessica.

Since she embarked on this therapeutic journey, Jessica, who works full time as an IT specialist, spends most weekends in her kitchen and in her car delivering her goodies. Currently based in Charlotte, the Mississippi-born (Alabama raised) southern girl spent time in Greensboro during high school and college and has deliveries there occasionally. To grow her passion, Jessica plans to showcase her sweets at vendor events and will appear at the Rock Hill Galleria Mall on Mother’s Day weekend.

She will, no doubt, have her own mother in her heart that day. “I can’t do anything without thinking of my mom and how she would do things. She was always proud of me and my siblings and made me feel like I was Superwoman. I always felt courageous, like I could do anything. Even after she passed, I feel the same way. She was very smart and also worked in IT. And I know she would be proud that I’m doing the same. And that I’ve started a baking business with her recipes,” Jessica explains.

She recommends staying connected to family, especially your elders who have stories and recipes and other things to pass down. Jessica feels she wouldn’t have become interested in many of the things she’s involved in had it not been for family legacies and her mom instilling confidence in her. She’s also adopted the idea that she can’t be afraid to fail or at least try something new.

Knowing that her mother would be proud of her keeps her encouraged and her great aunt reiterates that every chance she gets. “She reassures me that my mother would be so happy for me. Her and my other aunt passed their recipes on to my mother and then she passed them down to me,” Jessica beams.

One day she may pursue a storefront to expand, but for right now, she’s happy being small and intimate.

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