For every action…

by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2012
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

For every action there is always a reason behind it. Some people say they act without any expectations. Others will not move without being persuasion. Throughout our world’s history there are many individuals who have enjoyed great prominence through their great deeds and accomplishments. Whichever conclusion is met, life proves that it takes action to get somewhere. While many don’t solicit approval, I believe that it’s necessary and important for everyone to know their importance.
Basketball superstar Michael Jordan didn’t become a champion all by himself. His glory was made possible with the assistance of his teammates and coaching staff. Sure Jordan was the focal point of the team, but everyone played a significant role. In their absence, many of us could argue that Jordan and the Chicago Bulls wouldn’t be champions. In order for his team to reach prominence, Jordan had to lead by example and also encourage them. This meant acknowledging each of his teammates strength and weapons, and letting them know how important they were for the success of the entire team.

In life, we are also required to inform our supporting cast (friends and loved ones) of their importance in our lives. We must tell our friends why we value their friendships. Let them know how your life has been enhanced through the experiences we share, both good and bad. A truly good friend can allow you to see yourself from a different perspective.

Tell your parents how important they are. Let your children know how important their success is to you. Even that person who works relentlessly to bring the worst out in you, let them know how great it really makes you feel. It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing me up, or trying to pull me down, you role is still important in my life.

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