Forget What They Said, I Know Better

by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2018
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

In my family, I share the title of “the baby” along with my twin brother. Still, I proudly and boastfully state my position as big brother because after all, I am a few minutes older than he is. Even as a young child I was just as stubborn and unmovable as I can be today. One would find it very difficult to talk me out of anything; candy, games, toys, or anything else.

When it came to competing against others in sports, I couldn’t be talked out of the game. I had to be given a fair chance to play and lose all on my own. It was also very difficult for anyone to make me feel as if I was anything less than a child of God because my mama did a great job of making my siblings and I believe that we were the best, each day. Even during the time when I wore my brand-new pair of white sneakers to school and a neighborhood bully stepped on them, turning the top of them brown. I still walked in confidence because of what I had planted on the inside of me. It didn’t matter what others tried to make me be or act like, I knew better.

Those tactics are still used today by those who want to stop others from living “out loud” and becoming what they are purposed for. I was once told that Huami Magazine was nothing more than a newsletter. I knew better. I was once denied acceptance into an organization because I didn’t fit the mold. Years later, that same organization came calling again and invited me to participate at a much more prestigious level than I initially showed interest in. I knew I belonged from the very beginning.

Even today, doors are sometimes shut in my face. I am still subjected to rejection by those who think they are in more control of my destiny than God is. I know better because I’ve been tried and tested and weathered a few storms for myself. I have also learned that dream killers arise early in the morning with one agenda. But if I keep God as my source for life, it doesn’t matter what they may say, because I already know better.

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