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by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2012
Kim Pickard

Kim Pickard (Photo by Perfect Lenz Photography)

To enjoy success, you must first love what you do. Love will carry you through the tough times and allow you to appreciate the good ones. Kimberly Fountain-Pickard embodies that kind of love. She is a licensed cosmetologist and cosmetologist instructor. A native of Reidsville, N.C., she has owned and operated Fountain of Youth Styling Salon since 2003. Besides providing her clients with superb service, she uses her platform to impact, change lives and share her love of God.

After graduating from Rockingham County High School, Pickard enrolled at Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown, N.C., and studied nursing. She eventually changed her focus of study to cosmetology and her journey as a hair stylist began. She then attended Carolina Beauty College in Greensboro, N.C., and graduated in 2002. She returned back to Carolina Beauty College and obtained her cosmetology instructor license in 2008. As a means to pour back into those who have helped her, she has also taught at Carolina Beauty College at both locations in Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Pickard got her first shot to style hair professionally at Nate’s Beauty & Barber in Eden, N.C., owned by Nate Reynolds. She eventually moved to Reidsville and opened her salon on the first day of August in 2003. She says she experienced working in a salon setting with several other stylists. “I am well aware of many challenges of salon ownership and I certainly know about the peaks and valleys of owning your own business. My challenges became a part of my testimony about overcoming the struggle of becoming a successful entrepreneur,” she explains.

When she made the decision to open her own salon, she wanted to be totally independent. Being independent she says provides her with a unique feeling of freedom. “I love the location, the relaxed atmosphere, and most of all I love the people. I don’t say this is my salon, I tell my clients that this is “our” salon because it is the people that help create a welcoming and peaceful environment,” she says. The salon doors are always open. She has clients that come for services but there are some that come in just to speak. She is also able to reach out to her friends that are homeless, battling drug addiction or cancer. “I truly care about people as a whole,” she says.

Some of the services Pickard specializes in are waxing, make up application for individuals and groups such as bridal and photoshoots, color and healthy hair. In addition to being a salon owner, she says she is a people person, a go-getter, and someone who loves to laugh. In her spare time she designs for her own jewelry line, Designs by Kimberly Fountain-Pickard — Divas Working With Experience.

While in cosmetology school, Pickard says she had excellent instructors. “They really cared about your education. They were focused on you succeeding not only in cosmetology but also in life,” she says. One that she speaks highly of is, Betty Sharpe (former Director of Carolina Beauty College), who she says cared about her students and pushed them beyond what you could not see with your natural eye. “Betty Sharpe, along with CBC gave me the opportunity to come back with a free scholarship for the teacher training program,” she says. She also acknowledges Christie Harrison, owner of Innovative Styles in Greensboro, Yvonne Hawkins who is also an instructor at CBC, her pastor and first lady Bobby and Carol Robertson of Monument of Faith Ministries in Eden, N.C.

To Pickard, pleasing her clients and those around her, and knowing that someone is happy and satisfied is what makes her job worthwhile. She says she always dreamed of becoming a salon owner. She is inspired by the satisfaction of her clients express after receiving her service. One in particular is Mrs. Lillian Graves. “She walked into my salon after her first treatment of chemotherapy and asked me to be strong for her. It was my first time ever having a client with cancer, and also one still in the process of receiving treatment,” she says. Mrs. Graves had faith in her and she says she knew that she could not let her down. As she draped her, she says she noticed a couple of strands of hair were on her towel. Once the water from the shampoo bowl touched her hair, she says the hair from her head began to fill the bottom of the shampoo bowl. “I had to fight back tears as I took my hands to remove all the long hair she had on her head and place it in the trash because it was clogging the sink before I could continue to shampoo her hair,” she says.

When she was finished shampooing her hair, Pickard says she was bald with little strands of hair still on her head. She says this was the hardest moment in her life and career. As she began to look in the mirror, Mrs. Graves said “it’s gone and but it could have been worse. I am still here and it is just hair”. Pickard says she thanks God for allowing her to share that experience with her client. She is now a breast cancer survivor and has regrown all of her long, thick beautiful hair.

Pickard says that if it wasn’t for God, she wouldn’t be the person she is today ‘I wouldn’t be fortunate to have so many great people in my life. My motto for life is, “if I can help somebody as I travel along then my living shall not be in vain.”

She advises anyone who may be thinking about following in her footsteps to plan and prepare as much as possible. “The styling profession isn’t easy but it can be very rewarding. The most important thing that you must have is a genuine love for what you do. If you love it, everyone that you come in contact with will notice and appreciate you and your service,” she says.

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