Frankesha Watkins

by Terry Watson | January 24th, 2020
Frankesha Watkins

Frankesha Watkins

Frankesha Watkins of Dallas, TX is a woman of God. She is also a go-getter and life learner who has chosen a career as an entrepreneur. In so many words, she describes herself as a black woman who is trying to serve in an industry that is not dominated by African Americans, the haircare industry.

Frankesha is also a corporate professional with a background in human resources. After taking a leap of faith, she decided to open her very own business. BPolished Beauty Supply Store is in the heart of Arlington, TX. “Our mission is to provide an array of hair care and beauty items, expertise in healthy hair care, and professionalism to each and every customer ensuring a pleasurable, and paramount beauty experience,” she says.

This wasn’t Frankesha’s first attempt at entrepreneurship. The name of her first company Polished Careers helped people with resumes, job offers and salary negotiations. That same approach was carried over to BPolished Beauty Supply. “People come to the beauty supply store to be polished. Whatever the occasion, interview, date, or whatever the case,” she says. “I apply the same level of attention to them as I did with Polished Careers.”

BPolished opened its doors to the Dallas/Fort Worth community on January 17, 2019. offers a variety of beauty care products. “We pride ourselves in carrying a lot of niche and black owned haircare brands. We also have Crotched Hair, Braids, Wigs, Bundles. We carry a lot of the items that most beauty supply stores have, and many items they may not have,” she shares.

It makes a lot of sense for Frankesha to own a beauty supply store. “I always had a love of hair care, specifically black hair care, and even had an idea to open a beauty supply store but never pursued it. I actually thought that I would have my own brand of hair care products. I started researching and participated in a few seminars before opening my store,” she says.

What makes BPolished standout amongst their competitors is their commitment to addressing their client’s needs. “We are very big on providing good customer service and providing solutions to our customers. If a customer has an issue with dry hair, we are going to help you with that. If a customer has an issue with growth, we will offer advice and recommend products that will address that,” she says.

Some of the challenges that Frankesha faces are the fact there are not many Black owned beauty supply stores. Another one is pricing. Because she doesn’t typically purchase her products in bulk, that usually impacts our prices. A lot of their clients are usually searching for a specific brand, and BPolished works hard to have them available.

She inspired by being a black owned beauty supply store. Many of her clients often share how they are encouraged by seeing an African American owned beauty supply store. She is inspired by those who continue to support her business. “My family and friends, other businesses, and even some individuals have helped me along my journey. I couldn’t have made it here without their support,” she says.

Frankesha says her journey has been good. “Everything has happened the way it was supposed to. We are steadily growing and adding inventory. We are trying to be the one stop shop for beauty supplies in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I encourage others who may be on a similar journey to not give up. You have to continue to make the plan and work the plan until you reach your end goal,” she says.

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