Gail Bernardo

by Terry Watson | August 5th, 2011
Gail Bernardo

Gail Bernardo (Photo by Greg Allen)

For most women their hair is their pride and glory. Trenton, New Jersey native Gail Bernardo began wearing lace hair wigs three years ago. Her hair had been damaged due to being over processed from chemicals. She wanted to be “chemical free” but wasn’t sure on how to go about the process. While searching for solutions for her problem, Bernardo learned about the process of lace hair wigs on the internet. She visited a local boutique and purchased her first hair system in 2008.

Bernardo says she was very pleased with the system. She received an considerable amount of positive feedback on her new look. On her next visit to the boutique where she made her purchase, Bernardo shared the feedback with the shop owner. Her excitement lead to a job offer. While working there, she experienced the effect the hair system had on other clients. “I encountered many individuals from all walks of life with hair loss issues,” Bernardo says. “I saw how the clients were grateful and thankful for the service that I provided.” At this point, she says realized a passion to help people.
After managing the hair boutique for three years, Bernardo says she stepped out on faith and started her own business. She didn’t have much money, and resorted to renting a small space until things changed. “After four months I realized that the business was growing and I sought help from family members to open my own boutique,” says Bernardo. On the 10th day of August in 2010, the doors of Invisilace Wigs opened in Raleigh.

Her company is a full service hair replacement provider. They service many customers who suffer hair loss and find themselves impacted by the side effects of medications prescribed to treat cancer, allergies and other life-changing health issues. Some of these conditions include Alopecia, Lupus, Thyroid Deficiency, Chemicals and Gastric Bypass Surgery. Bernardo says, “We provide services to the whole person with solutions that inspire self-confidence and self esteem.” Her company remains dedicated to providing quality services at an affordable price while keeping their clients needs as their main objective. “Our goal is to pamper you and reveal your individuality and natural beauty,” she says.

Most of Bernando’s clients are professional individuals. They all come to her for many different reasons, but she knows them all, even by their name. Invisilace Wigs isn’t your typical hair boutique. They love the relaxed and private atmosphere and is always excited about their next appointment. I thank God for them they are individuals from all walks of life and has inspired me and so many ways. Far from the traditional setting of a hair salon, Bernardo provides a calm and soothing atmosphere that incorporates consultation and education about her products, as well as the privacy that she feels all of her clients deserve. “Making people feel good about themselves and restoring their confidence is what it’s all about. Every day I go home knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life,” she says.

Customer service ranks number one Bernando’s business. Clients should expect to receive quality service and on time, everytime. “We don’t over book clients. What our customers think of our service and the quality of our products is very important to us,” says Bernardo. The staff of Invisilace Wigs are not only highly trained and skilled, they are also committed to meeting their customer needs on a continual basis. In addition to Bernardo, the staff includes of Invisilace Wigs includes Terry Weaver, Shameka Brandon, and Timary Gary.

Bernardo says she would love to add other beauty services for her clients to have all their beauty needs (Body Massages, Pedicures, Body Waxing, Facial and Natural Nail Service) met at one location. She also says she would like to focus on the clients who have a medical necessity, especially children. “I would like to work in collaboration with cancer centers and hospitals and donate hair units to children of low income families,” she says. Because she personally attest to the benefits of her hair units, she encourages any individuals who may suffer from the same ailments to seek her services and restore the confidence and self appreciation that may have been lost.

Bernanrdo encourages any individuals who may be struggling with self confidence and may be uncomfortable with their appearance due to hair loss and damage, to consider using her products and services. Invisilace Hair Wigs is a great way to enhance someone’s beauty and overall appearance.

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