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by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2017
Genesys Apparel (Photos by Jurry Smith)

Genesys Apparel (Photos by Jurry Smith)

First and foremost, Jurry Smith of Nashville, Tennessee, is a husband and father. His devotion is offered without compromise to everything that he involves himself with, whether in the workforce, at his church, or in the community. His flexibility and dependability are attributes that have also helped him build a fashion business from the ground up, Genesys Apparel.

“I am creative and have an eye for things most people can’t see. I’m a stylist and a designer. I am my brand and today’s versatile man, whoever that may be,” Smith says. “My clientele ranges from pastors to lawyers, entrepreneurs to socialites. I even style young men needing formal attire for school functions.”

Smith opened the doors of Genesys Apparel to the world on the day he got married. That day served as a statement for him, because he believed that weddings shouldn’t just be special for the bride. Smith wanted his own signature style that would also be authentic. “I designed my tuxedo, which was gold and trimmed in Sangria with our wedding date monogrammed on the inside. I also wore a custom shirt with my initials on it. I was so nervous that it wouldn’t look right, my measurements would be off, or that my bride wouldn’t be pleased; but it was perfect and my bride loved it. Soon, I started looking for manufacturers to make my dream a reality.”

The identity of Genesys Apparel was very important to Smith. “I wanted to represent Christ in whatever I did. I wanted people to see themselves in the image of God, because He thinks highly of us. So I based Genesys Apparel off of the book of Genesis 1:27 – So God created man in His own image,” he says.

Genesys Apparel offers custom men’s suits and tuxedos, jackets, and shirts. They offer men’s accessories which include ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and lapel pins. They also do special orders for groups and organizations, and there are plans in the works for personal styling services for the individual who have things in their closets that can be utilized, but need a little help on learning how to make it work.

Smith decided to use his gift to help other men who desired to stand out but need a little help with getting started. Seeing the confidence that exudes from his customers when they try on their custom piece for the first time, Smith says gives him a sense of relief and achievement. “Occasionally, a client may lose or gain weight during the process of designing a suit which throws off the measurements. I am blessed that I haven’t encountered anything that I couldn’t resolve in a timely fashion,” says Smith.

Smith doesn’t take the credit for the success of his business. “I owe it all to God. He never ceases to amaze me. He has afforded me many opportunities to make my name great and to introduce Genesys Apparel to various markets,” he says. Moving forward he plans to continue serving Nashville and surrounding states. Contact Jurry Smith and Genesys Apparel for all of your unique fashion needs.

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