Gentlemen R US

by Terry Watson | July 14th, 2017

Ellsworth D. Best is a man of great humility and honor. He successfully served the U.S. Federal Government for over 35years at the Department of Justice with the FBI. The characteristics of that time honored organization only reflected his own, which are Integrity Honesty and Character. Among many accomplishments and accolades, his is most proud of his service as president of the Security Ministry of a 10,000 member church in Maryland. Through his guidance, he was blessed to take that ministry from 17 members to well over 104 likeminded people. He is now retired from both the Department of Justice, FBI, and his Security Ministry, and has began a brand new chapter in his life.

Ellsworth has dedicated his life to teaching, mentoring and actively offers much needed guidance to young boys; boys hoping one day to become strong and productive men. He greatly enjoys teaching the meaning of what it means to be a real ‘Gentleman’ and how it’s not just something that is done on a part time basis, but is a way of living one’s life.

Ellsworth is the Founder and Director of his own nonprofit organization ~ Gentlemen R Us Inc. His vision is to productively instruct young boys in the principles of being a real Gentleman. What that means is that after completing the short but rigorous course, the young men will one day themselves be able to successfully pass that knowledge to others. In so doing, these new gentlemen will become major assets within their own families and communities. Paying it forward and passing it on is the credo held most dear by Ellsworth.

The mission of Gentlemen R Us (GRU) is very simple. To provide young boys with the tools, knowledge and understanding so that they will know what it really means to be a gentleman.

Due to many different home situations and the myriad of tough decisions that face today’s young males on a daily basis, he wanted to try and instill good principles, integrity and character into their lives, of which they can learn and then be able to teach other young men. This vision was created out of a need he saw on a daily basis from young boys that seemed to lack the knowledge of how to be selfless. His organization believes these boys can be taught the meaning, value and benefits of being a real “Gentleman” and how it’s not just something that is done on a part time basis, but a way of living one’s life.
His program is committed to teaching (through real life and mock training) the meaning of character, respect, honesty, and of course, ‘The Golden Rule’. To treat others as you would want to be treated.

Gentlemen R Us firmly believes that upon the completion of our training course, these new young “Gentlemen” will have matured mentally and emotionally! That maturity will then help afford them the opportunities to not only become stronger and wiser, but to also have had enough deposited into them that they will carry it over into their families, schools and communities as GRU mentors to others.

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