George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey Barbeque

by Terry Watson | November 11th, 2011
Chris Jackson and Daryl White

Chris Jackson and Daryl White (Photo by Howard Gaither)

The taste speaks for itself. George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey BBQ is a place where people from all walks of life can entertain the taste of Pork BBQ without eating pork. The Triad has spoken, saying that George’s has one of the best tastes of turkey barbecue”.

The story on how the company began reaches deep into the woods of the eastern part of North Carolina. Chris Jackson and Daryl White, both owners of George’s had traveled to Jackson’s hometown of Warsaw. There, White was treated to a Jackson family tradition. He tasted the turkey barbecue for the first time and responded as if he had just found gold. “This has to be franchised. This is the best tasting turkey barbecue I have ever tasted, and you guys are walking around here like it’s nothing,” White confesses. Jackson says he told him that his family had been eating it all of their lives.

That was five years ago-fast forwarding to March of this year. The pair decided to come together on a joint venture and create something people would enjoy and also leave their mark in the world. Initially, White named their company George’s Gourmet Turkey BBQ. However, after a vendor tasted it, he encouraged them to add Awesome because he said that is how good it tastes.

“Our barbecue is better simply because of our recipe,” says Jackson. “It has the unique taste that is similar to that of pork, but it’s turkey.” Everything in the process of making their product is better than others. It is gluten-free and based on feedback from their satisfied customers; it does not affect their blood pressure. White says their product makes their customers mind think that it’s eating pork, but their body, blood pressure, and brain say it’s turkey. “We’re bringing turkey back,” says Jackson.

Jackson and White met nearly 21 years ago in Greensboro. They were both selling cologne and perfume for a small company. Jackson says White was promoted to manager and that inspired him to do the same. They have been best friends ever since.

President of George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey Barbecue, Jackson graduated from Guilford Technical Community College with an associate degree in applied science in machinery technology. He later attended North Carolina A & T State University and graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in applied engineering technology in manufacturing system. He is currently enrolled in graduate school at North Carolina A & T State University studying for his master’s degree of science in technology management in applied engineering technology.

Jackson says that he is a child of God. He is also a father, a husband and friend. Additionally, he is a motivational speaker. He has served as the keynote speaker for the National Black Child Development Organization for Greensboro for the past three years, and he has spoken in California, Michigan, Chicago and various schools in the triad area. “I like doing things that glorifies God. I also enjoy talking with my friends and family, riding motorcycles and playing sports,” says Jackson. He is a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro, N.C. and serves as a minister, and is also the Exaltation Team Leader, under the teaching of Bishop George W. Brooks and First Lady Edna G. Brooks.

Jackson says his mother impacted his life the most. He says she showed him how hard work can pay off. Jackson’s mother introduced him to God and taught him how to trust in Jesus. “When I learned to trust Jesus, he directed my path and He laid me here with this company,” Jackson explains.

Vice President of George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey Barbecue, White is a native of Greensboro. He graduated from Southeast Guilford High School and later obtained a bachelor’s degree in music from North Carolina A & T State University. As an Aggie he was a member of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine and played with jazz greats, Max Roach and Lionel Hampton. After graduating from college, he taught for eight years as a band director in North Carolina, Louisiana and Washington, D.C. and made a cameo appearance in the Hall Mark film, “What the Deaf Man Heard”. Currently he serves as an assistant band director at James B. Dudley High School under the direction of Ricardo V. Reid Sr. He is also a member of the illustrious sports agency Sports Management World Wide, serving as a sports agent advisor.

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