God is Still God, As The World Turns!

by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2020

What in the world is going on? We are more than halfway through the year and it feels like it’s already been twelve months, and we have possibly started 2021. I didn’t see this coming.
My plans were to launch a few new ideas this year, become more physically fit, and travel a whole lot. However, those were my plans and my plans do not mean a thing if they aren’t discussed, approved, confirmed, and verified first by God.

And so here I am in July and none of my plans have happened. I am suffering from the quarantine fifteen, (fifteen pounds of weight gained as a result of no exercising and a whole lot of bad eating). Like many small business owners, I’ve been forced to think on the fly, adjust how I do business, and make changes to stay afloat. This is unfortunately an uncomfortable new normal. Isn’t that like God, making us uncomfortable when He is trying to change our course and prepare us for growth.

And if the Corona virus wasn’t enough, our country appears to be caught in the middle of a civil war, with the underlying reasons for our discourse being one that has existed for centuries. Racial discrimination. I am very encouraged to see the protests that have taken place around the world. These actions echo a resounding message that racial discrimination against anyone, black, white, or brown is not acceptable. I am also inspired to see other races who have joined the fight to help spread the Black Lives Matter message.

Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

For me personally, Black Lives Matter, and they have always mattered. As a black man who has lived in America my entire life, I have my very own black experience, and it hasn’t always been a pleasant one. I am a huge supporter for change, especially for Black people. We must all use our voices and speak up, because saying nothing is unacceptable.

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