Gospel Sensation Jacqueline Jackson

by Tonya Dixon | July 11th, 2014
Jacqueline Jackson

Jacqueline Jackson (Photo by Still Shot Photography)

Jacqueline Jackson has been singing for as long as she can remember. As a double PK (both her parents are preachers), she often found herself singing, playing the piano, and leading worship or assisting in some capacity in the church. She comes from a long line of singers, so it’s nothing she has to “try” to do. It’s simply a natural reaction. Jackson still loves to sing. She still maintains a passion and love for music. Beyond the music and the songs she sings, she admits she’s simply a worshiper at heart. Consequently her gift is undeniable. Today, Jackson divides her time between being a minister of music for Mount Zion Baptist Church Youth and Young Adult and recording her first complete album. Sounds like a hectic lifestyle? That’s because it truly is one. In addition, Jackson is expecting her second child in just a few short months.

Hectic or not she’s not slowing down. With much anticipation and fanfare, her new album is slated to drop this fall. The first single, Time and Season, was released last year and met with a great deal of success; however, the momentum was slowed due to a minor typo on the digital release. Nevertheless, if the remainder of the tracks is anything like the single, the full album will certainly be amazing. She categorizes the album release as being full of praise, worship and inspiration; basically the songs of her heart. Not to be compared to any other, she is an eclectic mix of various genres of music; Gospel, Jazz, and Christian. However she admits she is very fond of Christian artist and groups like Jesus Culture, Israel Houghton and New Breed, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, and many others.

Not only is Jackson singing, but the Michigan native is also showcasing her writing skills on much of the album. For Jackson, there’s no difficulty in singing what’s already in the heart. “It’s all about being passionate about your call, and having an ongoing relationship with God that supports your purpose in life. When I’m singing, I would just describe it as having an opportunity to minister to God and show Him in song and visual expression how special He is. However it is also an opportunity to set the atmosphere for what God intends to do in a particular service or setting. Worship has to be intimate and connected. As a psalmist, I realize that I have a responsibility to demonstrate that every time I hit a platform,” Jackson says.

Obviously, Jackson has spent significant time in preparation. Years and years of singing, teaching, learning and constant communion with God is what she knows has gotten her to this moment. She has obtained a BA in Vocal Performance from Michigan State University. “It is very important to have personal one on one time with God through prayer and scripture and daily worship,” she says. “Many days I also have on something inspirational as a way to fill my spiritual bank throughout the week since I pour out so much.”

The five years Jackson has been leading corporate worship at Mt. Zion has not only given her a greater opportunity to connect with God, but the sheer scope of the platform has transformed her entire ministry and further developed and cultivated her character. It’s much more than simply getting up on stage and encouraging others to sing. For her, it’s about obedience and purpose. She now recognizes the reasons behind the paths her life has taken. The growth and maturity she recognizes in herself is why she knows she is doing what God has called her to do. “I have evolved into purpose and now I know it was all God’s plan and I know that this is something that he has gifted me in,” says Jackson.
“I realize he has taught me how to lead and how to push other people who have similar gifts to lead. I don’t always have to be in the spotlight. I don’t want to be a selfish leader. God is building things in me. I’ve learned love on a different level.” Jackson says she’s has definitely grown vocally, but God has also developed a strong spiritual self-esteem in her. Because she is so cognizant of the individual gift God has placed within her, she doesn’t get caught up in comparing herself or her ministry to anyone else.

However, she wasn’t always as certain. She even questioned whether she was singing simply because she could or because it was something she had always done. Nevertheless, she now knows unequivocally that she’s doing what she was placed on earth to do. For Jackson, worship and singing for God is never work. No matter what the day delivers she understands ministry is her personal release; nothing else matters, and as she explains it, “if I’m leading worship people are depending on me to be effective and I don’t have a problem with that because I know how good God is. When it comes to giving back to Him what He has given to me I try not to ever hold back. I absolutely do my best to always Give God my all. It’s on and poppin’ wherever I go, whether it’s the stage or teaching, I give God my all.”

Vocationally, Jackson was a school music teacher for 10 years (she still teaches vocal and piano lessons), but following the birth of her first child she elected not to continue. The desire to teach and mold young minds has always been one of her passions and remains so. In fact, she regularly speaks with youth groups and welcomes and relishes the opportunity to pour into their lives every chance she gets. She credits her parents for doing an excellent job molding her and her siblings and instilling Godly principles in them when they were young. “I think my parents did a great job equipping us. They gave us God and taught us the way of Christ so it made it easier for us to make the right life choices. My siblings and I knew we needed God in our lives and understood that a true relationship with Him would assist with everything life would present,” she says. “They gave us scriptures. They taught us how to apply the word of God in our lives and I see how effective that has been for me and I see the absence of that in the lives of so many youth today. It’s frustrating, but it’s possible for our youth. Parents just have to be committed to equipping their children.” Jackson is definitely in her element when she is combining her true loves—singing and discipling people. She wants people, especially youth, to be able to put into action what they hear, so that they can in turn help someone else.

Whether through the music industry, leading worship at her local church or standing and proclaiming the Gospel at the next youth conference, one thing is certain: Jacqueline Jackson will be touching the heart of God and helping to build up the next generation of soldiers for Christ and winning lost souls. Be on the lookout this fall for Jacqueline Jackson’s first complete album. The first single, “Time and Season” can be purchased now via iTunes.

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